Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More mushroom farming..

HaHa Its that time of year again, I'm going to start calling it mushroom season, only funnier since its actually mushroom season too. Otherworld Is only a few months away, and I am gearing up and pulling the sewing machine out again.
First Project on the List is Sew El-wire to the mushrooms so they glow. And then fix any thing that needs it. This one got 10ft of red El-wire.
They look very good with the El-wire sewn on, as opposed to just strung around and pinned. I have ordered bright lights to stick into the lanterns of the paper ones, hopefully it lights them up the way I intend it to.
This years overall Theme B-movies.
So miss Rosa and I have decided to make big Chompy mouths for the mushrooms

I also had these foam caps that I made last year that I wanted to turn into hanging mushrooms so I fastened rope to it and a sock and glued El-wire to the underside and tied a piece of fabric to the rope. I think they turned out pretty good we will see how well they fare hanging outside.
My big container of mushrooms is quite full now. I am going to have to get another one if I keep expanding the mushroom forest. Which of course I am.
The number of lights has doubled and there is more El-wire on the way, all the mushrooms I have already assembled will light up. That is a total off 22 fabric inflatable ones, 4 paper lanterns and 6 foam ones.
Miss Rosa and I will also be working on the fungal lounge soon, The fungal lounge is a tent turned into a giant mushroom inside is a comfy chill space. I will make sure to post pictures of that build.

Currently I am sorting through my costumes so I will know what I need to fix or finish or make new.