Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sun, Nov 14 9AW

This morning Felice was looking better, he was up and about at least. First order of the day was to go shopping, I needed to restock some supplies, fix the armour and equip our new backup (Cypress) with a sniper rifle. Then we did some tailing and investigating. We inteviewed a few of the survivors and found some concrete evidence. Looks like it was not just one person but two and that they were hired to do it. So now to get down to the motive and who hired them. But so far the investigation is going rather smoothly. I planted some more survelence equipment in the office and we will follow up on it tommorow. When I got home tonight Felisce was gone. Oh well, Ill see him next time. As much as I wanted to hear more stories about his trip to the first I have an investigation to concentrate on and I need to make sure I am welll rested and prepared for it.

Sat Nov 13, 9AW

At 9am sharp, shortly after Gebus left for work Rebecca showed up to do some light training. We flew off to a diffrent location than last time. She said that she wants to keep changing the locations we train at because it helps to develop diverse readiness. Sounds logical to me. After training she dropped me off at home. Not long after I got a visitor. Felisce! He is back from the First looking a little worse for wear and with a present for me. I love presents, but this one was super special. He handed me the keys to the bike and tells me that the bikes name is Hailey. Aparently he got the keys from a blind woman, who lead them into hell. Sounds like an amazing woman. I am honored that she gave me the keys (so to speak). Not to keep him from rest too long, I don't ask too many questions even though im full of them. I set him up with a nice shower and then pull out the hide-a-bed so he can get some rest. He will tell me more when he is feeling better I'm sure. Allen calls after a bit and askes me to meet up with him and our new team-mate (surprise, but we do need some more backup so this should workout well) I met up with them at JavaJoes, and was introduced to our new team mate Cypress. He appears to be 1/2 elven but some strange things about his appearance makes one think that he is something else entirely. We went shopping for the party tonight so that we would all have something appropriate to wear. After shopping we went for food, where we met up with Gebus, who joined us for our meal and then assisted us in going and setting Cypress up with an appartment. starting to run short on time I run home to get changed and check on Felice before tonights party.
Dyscathi's house is quite elegant and the party was nice to begin with. I did some attempts to pry information from Yoto but didn't find out much. The party was ended sudenly by a wave of death magic taking out 75% of  the guests. Allen Cypress and I are working on an investigation to who did it. I have already planted a recording device into the office of one of the leads, and we have started doing some digging on the people unnacounted for so far. I plan to question all the survivors. But first I need some rest.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Karyssa's mini part 1

This mini was alot easier for me to convert so that It would fit Karyssa's discription than it was for me to do cilyne's mini. This one is from privateer press its the dirty meg model with a couple of gw bits i think i should be putting putty tips on her ears to make them pointed but thats not going to be easy so I might let it slide.

painted pictures will come eventually.

Cilyne's mini part 1

At Gottacon, Ricalope picked up a battle mat and we play tested it during the nWo Golgotha event. It worked really well and I have been planning on making mini's for my characters for a while now so ths inspired me to get to it and assemble them. so here is Cilyne all assembled and ready for painting. I put alot of work into converting the reaper succubus mini using greenstuff, gw bits and paperclip i am really proud of the way she turned out and have paint schemes floating around in my head already.
I plan on basing her like my Slaaneshi army so I can use her with them as well as for nWo but she will stick out like a sore thumb in the unit of Furies as the only one without claw hands and the only one with weapons and gear and blue skin but thats ok with me, and my friends should be ok with it too. I wont bring her to a tourney as part of my army but she will be in the case just because that way I can show her off.