Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sun, Nov 14 9AW

This morning Felice was looking better, he was up and about at least. First order of the day was to go shopping, I needed to restock some supplies, fix the armour and equip our new backup (Cypress) with a sniper rifle. Then we did some tailing and investigating. We inteviewed a few of the survivors and found some concrete evidence. Looks like it was not just one person but two and that they were hired to do it. So now to get down to the motive and who hired them. But so far the investigation is going rather smoothly. I planted some more survelence equipment in the office and we will follow up on it tommorow. When I got home tonight Felisce was gone. Oh well, Ill see him next time. As much as I wanted to hear more stories about his trip to the first I have an investigation to concentrate on and I need to make sure I am welll rested and prepared for it.

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