Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fri Nov 12, 9AW

I awoke this morning feeling much better, fully rested in fact. Except for the visible bruises, scrapes, and stiffness, you would never have known the condition I was in last night. I am home now. Before I fell asleep last night Gebus came to visit me, I was drugged up and very sleepy but I remember him saying some curious, confusing things about being sorry. So I almost immediately contacted him after leaving the healing clinic. He is at work but he made dinner plans for afterwards. In a little bit I am going to visit Rebecca at her house for lunch. Lunch ran late and I made it home just before Gebus arrived. Dinner was nice, we had a good chat. Apparently he feels bad for not being there last night (he seems to be getting a bit protective and attached to me; I really like him so I guess its a good thing he seems to be feeling the same). Some nice soft slow sex, as I'm still not in perfect condition again yet, I have to take it easy. Lots of cuddles and rest for the remainder of the night made today almost perfect.

Thurs Nov 11, 9AW

Shortly after Gebus left for work this morning Rebecca showed up and we flew off somewhere for training. She humbly whooped my ass and taught me a few things. Then we headed back to my place and hung out for a bit. After she left I ate dinner and decided to go to that ska club (The Forge) that Gebus had taken me to before. I decided not to drink tonight, instead i just hung out socializing and enjoying the music. I ran into some of the people that Gebus had introduced me to before, and had a good time. When I left I noticed that the bug man was back and following me again. I lead him on a chase that Allen joined in on. A whole bunch of craziness ensued and Allen and I got banged up pretty bad. Dyscathii ended up coming and cleaning up the mess. I am resting in a DNA clinic right now and the bug man will no longer be bothering us again.

Wed Nov 10, 9AW

Upon awaking this morning, I decided that it was time to upgrade my living arrangements. I want a balcony entrance. So after breakfast Gebus showed me where the housing office was and then he headed off to the glass shop. I picked out a place and then went shopping for the day to pick out new furnishings and made moving arrangements. I have now set up everything that was delivered and started making dinner. I think that I want to start a garden on the balcony. The new place is actually quite big. I think I will stay here for a while. I have started my indoor atrium. There isn't enough plant life in this city for my liking, so I think I will fill my living space with it. I sent text messages to Felisce, Allen and Gebus with my new address and an invite to dinner, and am just waiting responses. Dinner went over well, everyone just showed up, and I even got a surprise visit from Rebecca. There was plenty of food, so she joined us. I mixed up some margaritas and we had a few drinks with dinner. After dinner we all headed out to Pitch, a new DJ was playing. Turns out that the new DJ is another simulant like Allen. The music she was playing was really good and eerily addictive. I got really drunk and rode home. Not a good idea. I could almost tell that the bike was mad at me for that. Gebus came home with me, and I think he tried to start something but I was too drunk and I passed out on him.

Tues Nov 9, 9AW

The heist went well. In the first 10 minutes after having entered the museum I had all the targets except for 1, the Impaler. After consulting Allen on whether I should go for the last item or not he warns me that the droids have been activated. My decision made for me, I run for the nearest Exit. On my way past the bike to the exit I stopped and spoke softly to it, in hopes of getting a response. I didn't get one, so I continued on my way. I slammed into the exit which was locked. I darted around through to the place where I entered and Acrobaticsed my way back up to and out of the hole I made earlier, into the air and I was off. As I look back, out the door crashes the bike taking out one of the drones as it roars off in the same direction I went, so I swooped down and spoke softly to it again, this time it responded so I jumped on and let it speed me away. We had three drones hot on our tail. I had picked up a special gun just for this situation, so I started shooting at them and took one out before they started shooting back. Then from in the traffic Gebus arose and took out one and shot down the other. We headed off to Damiens. When I parked the bike it took off again making me very sad. What a ride, the sensations while riding that bike are undescribable. In Damien's house there was a party going on, all the bidders for the items I just absconded with were there and other high society types. We were offered our pick of the loot before it was auctioned off. I decided to keep the nodestone as it seems to enhnace my magic. I met one of Dyscathii's relatives, a pretty girl with wings like mine named Rebecca. She has agreed to teach me how to properly use my katana and how to fight in the air while flying. I am excited about this I have a feeling it will help me in the future. Later in the morning around 8am, Gebus and I went to leave and the bike pulls up out front. My heart did flips I was so excited! I suggested to Gebus that we go for a cruise; he said "sure just let me drop off my car" and I followed him to a garage where he dropped off his car and grabbed a bike. (How many vehicles does he own, especially if he has his own big garage for them all?) We cruised around the city for many hours before heading back to my place for much deserved rest, and cuddles.

Sun Nov 7, 9AW

I get awoken disgustingly early, (especially after only having been asleep for 3 hrs) by Damien who is apparently just outside the building (Gebus' building none the less). I quietly leave out the balcony door and fly down to the front of the building where he is waiting with Allen in his limo. I get in and he drives us to somewhere deep within the under city. Turns out it is where they are keeping the guy who attacked us. Allen is given a copy of his memory disk and we are given the opportunity to question him. I don't like the idea of talking to him and with his memory disk there is really no need to question him, which suits me just fine. I left there and headed back to Gebus' house, hoping that I would be able to catch him still sleeping and keep my leaving a secret. It's probably best to keep secret as much of my work as I can. But then again you never know if he is who he says he is; he could be very helpful, if i ever need it. He did already save me once. I get back to Gebus' place and he is still sleeping. I quickly make use of his shower and then decide that its too late to try to get back to sleep, so I poke around in the kitchen and manage to scrounge us up a fairly decent breakfast. When it's almost done I make coffee, which wakes him up. (I think it was the grinding of the beans that did it.) After breakfast I find out what the large spinning thing in the middle of his livingroom does: It freezes time in his apartment, he made a comment about not having to feed the cat as much that way. (I don't remember ever seeing a cat.) He dropped me off at the library, where I studied some more and took out a book to read. Not too sure what to do now but I've been here for a few hours and I'm starting to get hungry again, so I decide to head home. Just outside the library I run into Felisce at a hotdog stand. From there we head to a theatre to watch a play. After the play we each head out in different directions. I head home for real this time, and when I get there I find Gebus in my apartment de-bugging the place. Apparently there were quite a few. After he was finished we went out to a club called Pitch. As we arrive so does Allen and Dyscathii. Turns out that Dyscathii planned for us all to meet and party here. Of course we are shortly after joined by Damien and then a while later, to my surprise, Felisce. Next surprise: Felisce has a side job for us. (Dyscathii knew all about this which is why he arranged the meeting I'm sure. I am glad I got to relax and have some fun but I'm not so sure I like the surprises. But I feel that this job is going to be full of them so I should try to be more prepared and not let them catch me off guard.) The side job turned out to be fairly easy; retrieve a magical painting from a mansion. Allen got me past the security devices and I swiftly searched the house, determined the decoy from the real copy and we made our getaway quite smoothly with Gebus driving for us. Hopefully the museum heist goes as smoothly. Afterwards Gebus drove me home and then came up with me to spend the night.

Sat Nov 6, 9AW

Knowing that I have a few days off I decide to make waffles and take breakfast to Gebus at the glass shop, and see if he might be free to spend some time with me. We had a nice brunch and then made plans to go to a ska show later. Gebus said he would pick me up at 7. So I went home then to the library. I did some pesonal research on this place, music, and the company I am working for, the information I found was sort of reassuring. The thing that made me the most curious is that all the history I was able to find about this place only goes back 10 years. There is a glimpse of a little more history in the music I researched but not much. It seems that almost all the old texts have been lost or destroyed. Gebus picked me up promptly at 7pm, we went to a club called The Forge and I got to meet some of his friends. I danced with an interesting fellow that had dyed feathery wings and lots of piercings. During the evening, out the window from the club I notice a guy heavily augmented walk out of the building, then the white van that has been following us pulls up and the bug guy gets out and chases the other guy down the street. A bus blocks my view and the next thing I see is a pile of flesh and bone on the street and a note on top of it. The note said "and next the spire". I called Allen to warn him of the incoming danger. Not too long later he calls me back needing help, so I make quick, clumsy excuses and take off flying as fast as I can. I find Allen and the bug guy is chasing him, surfing on his bugs like a half sphere around him. I hide behind him and take a good shot. I hit him good but it was only in the shoulder and he closed the circle of bugs arounf him blocking any further shots. I fly past him and catch up to Allen, I grab onto him as the white van tries to cut us off, I lift him up and over the van and set him down again, but the bug guy almost catches us. When all of a sudden Gebus jumps in the way & freezes the bug guy where he is and tells us to run for it. Allen takes off for the beach and I fly up disguise myself with the sky and watch. Gebus slows down the movement of the bug guy and his bugs almost to a stop and then gets in his car and drives away, so I follow him until he stops at cafe de la loone. I decide to follow him in and see if I can get some questions answered. I thank him for saving us and ask him how he was there in time to save us, his response was that he didn't believe my excuse, so he followed me in his car. I didn't think I was flying that low but I wasn't trying to hide really so I believed him. We then tried to continue our date. I found out some more information: he is a chronomancer, he has a nice pad, with lots of glass stuff, he is an ecklectik colletor. He only has one visible exterior augmentation, he is good in bed, he also works for interscope and is apparently assigned to watch and investigate my boss. Once he let that slip he realised he was telling me too much information and was careful not to give me any more. So I dropped it and fell asleep.

Mon Nov 8, 9AW

When I awoke Gebus had breakfast and coffee ready for me. After breakfast he drove me to the spire to meet with Allen. Allen and I went over the plan a few times and then when confident with it we went shopping for final supplies and dinner. After dinner we split ways: Allen to Damien's, to set up "shop" and me home to prepare. I think I'm almost ready, maybe I'll meditate for a bit before I head out. The time for the heist is set for 2am.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fri Nov 5, 9AW

A call from Damien brings me to his office. There with Allen we are introduced to the big boss, the person who through the chain of command we recieve our orders from. His name is Dyscathii, and to little surprise he is also a vampire. We are informed that we are to acompany him to the opening of the museum exhibit, and that it is a formal affair. We are givin some more funds on our ID cards to go out and pick out something appropriate to wear. I am reminded that mutants are not allowed to this event as it is in the downtown core and to find something to disguise myself as best as possible. I pick out a long evening gown that shows little to no skin and some nice high heels to match. Having some time to kill I go and visit Gebus. I then go back and meet up with Dyscathii and Allen at the designated time and place. My attire is approved and we continue on to the museum in Dyscathii's limo. We scope out the museum and the exhibit. I make a mental note of the best route to all the targets and try to memorise the interior as best as possible. The head person of the opposing company is pointed out to me. We leave the museum and go back to the office. I notice that it seems we are being followed. I keep noticing a certian white van following us. I leave the officce and the van follows me, so I take to the air and shortly loose my follower. I double back and decide to stop at the glass shop. Hopefully Gebus is working late. I notice the same van parked outside the glass shop. Quickly I dart into an alley and scale a building hopping stealthily along the rooftops I find a place to stake out the van from. I wait and a little while later the driver of the van comes back, he is followed by what seems to be a swarm of silver insects. I also notice the bugs coming out of gebus' shop. This is not good. I take down the licence plate number and the vehicle make ect. as the van pulls away I call Allen  and see if he can dig up some info on this mystery person. Then I call Gebus I think I should warn him. Turns out he is in his shop. I question him, he tells me as he pulls a bug out of a wound in his shoulder that the bugs which are Spying tools and the person controling them are a discruntled customer of his and that they had a fight. (suspisious). I leave and go back to the office. I find out from Allen that the Van belongs to Yoto the head of the Victoria Cyberworks Faction. I report my findings to Dyscathii, he tells me to keep an eye on Gebus and not to reveal any info to him, but to get close to him by any means and find out as much about him as I can. I begrudgingly agree. I like Gebus I don't want to do anything to harm him. We get told our deadline and are given a few days off. I head home to get some rest. When I arrive home There is someone sitting in my living room smoking elven pipe weed. Its's my brother Felisce. We stay up all night talking. As he leaves he gives me some pipe weed from home and he tells me that he is here temporarily on buisness but not to tell anyone I have seen him, (I know better than to ask why).

Thurs Nov 4, 9AW

I can't seem to get a hold of Damien. I'm starting to get nervous about the job. Allen is almost ready with the security systems he just needs better computer access, Damien's office has this but we can't get a hold of him. I decided to go for a fly to calm my nerves. I meet up with Allen and do some water drop experimenting. We then go shopping. We now have sturdy plans and a lot more reckon to do. So far the plan is as such:
1) fool the security systems, cameras and alarms
2)I fly to roof and find a good spot.
3) cut through the glass and remove the cut out piece
4)enter museum and locate target
5)take target and anything else I have time for
6)Fly out
7)Fly south and then double back over ocean
8)Drop target at pre-designated location in sea
9)Go hide out then when safe rendezvous with others
But there are still some kinks in that plan to iron out, and questions that need to be answered.
Do I need to get Allen's remote device attached to the dish on the roof of the museum, in order for Allen to be able to take control of the systems? What is possible to come after me if I get caught? I need to look for a spot with rafters and a way to drop above the cameras if I need to tap into them. How big and hard to carry are the items on the wish list? Will the bike that seems to be alive cause any problems? We are getting closer to being ready.

On another note I stopped by the glass shop again. Gebus showed me how he makes some of the pipes. Its hard on the eyes even with the protective glasses. We went on a picnic, he took me to a nice spot on the outskirts of town, it was very calming.
I found something surprising in the back of my diary, it made me both sad and happy. It was a note from my dad. He has found a way for us to communicate through my diary. He tells me that my brother is probably going to come and visit me. This is exciting news I have not sen Felisce in 120 years. I miss him, I miss mother and father too I hope they are doing well. I'm sure they are getting a lot of flak about me and Felisce. Why the others have to be so blindingly judgmental, frustrates me but there is nothing I can do about it.
Allen and I both got misleading text messages that lead us to find a possible snoop, or barely find that is. I hope it doesn't affect our mission. I don't know what to write to my dad in response, I should probably keep the dangerous stuff secret, I don't want to make him and mom more worried about me, but I shouldn't put off  writing back for too much longer.
Met up with Allen at Damiens office to do more recon. I then went to the museum to attach the remote hacking device of allens to the antena on the roof. It worked and he was able to hack in, I left him to his research and went home for some rest.

Wed Nov 3rd, 9AW

This morning Allen went to the museum and took video footage of inside. I will definitly be able to fly in there. Now to just figure out how I am going to get through the window. I decided to go to a glass shop looking for information. I got the information I was looking for, and ended up buying a bong from the glass blower who was flirting with me. I went to an arms dealer and purchased a new sword that they call a katana. Its beautiful and very sharp, and should be able to cut through the glass. I went back to the glass shop and flirted my way into testing the sword and borrowing a chunk of glass with the poromise to return it after my demonstration with it. I went to the hardware store to try to find something to hold onto and remove the glass once I cut it. At the hardware store I found out that I blew my budget on the new sword, maybe allen would be able to pick up the galss holder. I then went to go demonstrate the swords glass cutting ability, to Allen and Damien. Allen has more info on the security to research. I leave him to it, all that computer stuff is pretty boring to me. I went back to the glass shop to return the borrowed chunk of glass, and end up going on a date for dinner with the gentleman who was running the store. His name is Gebus (interesting and a little wierd to me but then again so are alot of things here). Allen calls and needs to meet up with me for some more information. I excuse myself from dinner, but agree to possibly see him again. (he seems nice enough). I started another tattoo around my belly button, it will look stunning when done.

Tues Nov 2 /9AW

I was cast out by my fellow Sylvanesti, because of my different appearance. They pushed me through a portal, and I found myself in a very strange place. The people here speak a strange language they call English. Over a little while I have learned to communicate with them and have been surviving thus far. I have joined a group of operatives called GIS, and am now making some of the local currency. I found myself a place to live in what they call habitation units. Its small quite like a box with a bathroom. Its not much but its a roof over my head. I have slowly been collecting furnishings and things to make it more comfortable. I will soon be starting my first assignment. I have no idea what the job entails, the only info I have is a name and an address, but I will find out soon enough.

I went and met with Damien at his residence, and found out some startling info. I meet Allen a simulant, (a cyborg with a human conciousness, very interesting) and Damien who is a Vampire, he promises not to drink from me, something about my DNA, (suits me just fine). I found out that the first assignment is a heist, (Exciting and dangerous, hopefully not too dangerous) The target is a stone that is about to be put on display at a museum. We arrange to meet Damien at the museum later to scope it out. I take Allen to the Hab units to see if we can't get him his own residence. Later under the cover of darkness we meet with Damien at the museum. Turns out that there are glass celings in the main exhibit hall which is the one that our target will be displayed in. The room is about 60ft tall. I belive that I will be able to fly in and out. We figure getting through the glass and security should be the only problems. Allen is working on fooling the alarms, I would like to do this undetected, get in get the target and get out as quickly as possible. We ended up at a bar with Damien after scouting the building. Damien Intrigues me. I have never met a vampire before, but from what I have heard they are ruthless blood thirsty murdering machines. He does not strike me as such. At the bar he drank alcohol and ate chicken wings. I found this surprising and he retorted with the comment "I didn't choose to be a vampire". I kind of feel sorry for him.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Karyssa's stats

This is what Karyssa's victim sheet looks like at this point in time.
She is a specialized character and concentrates almost all of her abilities into her mechanic work.  Her goal at this time is to gain title of TEK.

Meet Karyssa Zaylith

This is Karyissa my second character. She is a Derekest elf who was raised by a Dwarf. She acts and thinks like a Dwarf and those who know her treat her like a Dwarf.

Karyssa is a Mechanic, an Avatar mechanic to be exact. she has been hired to be a field mechanic in a war. She pilots her own avatar called a sucubus.

both of these pictures of the sucubus avatar were drawn by Ricalope.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tattoos of a flesh caster

Cilyne is a flesh caster. That means that she stores her magic in her skin. It has its benefits and its downsides but for her it works. This is her current tattoo chart at level 12 in her elemental abilities.                                              The tattoos are for her magic the piercings are for her faith.

I chose to use individual tattoos for each level because with all the other things she spends xp on she is not going to run out of space for them, plus then i could design a bunch of different tattoos for her and I didn't have to stick to one theme if i didn't want to.

Meet Cilyne

Cilyne Annon-Anor. My longest active character as of yet. I have been playing Cilyne in nWo for 3 years now, I am very proud of this fact. She is one of the longest played still active characters in nWo for one consecutive time. There are other players who have had characters for longer but not all in one shot for most. Most players drop out for a bit and then pick it back up so their character has been alive longer but not actively played as long.
She is a young, curious, hedonistic, mutant elf.
This was the very first picture I drew of her.

A little while into game shortly after her first mission she got to go to her first fancy ball. A masquerade party. This is the picture of her in her masquerade outfit i drew . The party did not last long before something bad happened  causing 75% of the party go-ers to perish, and giving her team their first mystery to solve.
This is the sketch of her first set of armour. Ricalope took my drawing of her and then drew the armour on for me. I then colored it.

After a very exciting party held by the Giovanii family Ciline took a bit of a turning point in her character development and became even more hedonisticly minded. she went shopping for bondage gear. I had fun drawing up some more outfits for her so this was a perfect oportunity.

A bunch of circumstances caused her to start thinking a bit more flexible on her wardrobe. so comfy underclothes became a constant. It is easy to just layer the fun stuff over the underclothes and then when trouble happens at inopportune times she is better prepared and not stuck wearing a mini skirt in a fight.
Other trouble has caused her to think even further and she now has a few Kevlar corsets and skirts to make her even more prepared for the trouble that she keeps running into. I haven't drawn any more pictures of her in a while and i might again sometime if it strikes my fancy. I used to obsess over her alot but I also have alot more geekiness on the go now that divides my obsessiveness up.


Welcome to my geek adventures blog. This is where i will rant about being a geek, my excitements, frustrations and new ideas.  Where i can blog about my characters their journals, and anything else geeky that I feel like bloging about. My other journal My Slaaneshi Chaos Army is dedicated to my 40k army and my progression with it, but my geekiness goes way farther than there so having a second blog for the rest of it makes sense to me.