Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sat Nov 6, 9AW

Knowing that I have a few days off I decide to make waffles and take breakfast to Gebus at the glass shop, and see if he might be free to spend some time with me. We had a nice brunch and then made plans to go to a ska show later. Gebus said he would pick me up at 7. So I went home then to the library. I did some pesonal research on this place, music, and the company I am working for, the information I found was sort of reassuring. The thing that made me the most curious is that all the history I was able to find about this place only goes back 10 years. There is a glimpse of a little more history in the music I researched but not much. It seems that almost all the old texts have been lost or destroyed. Gebus picked me up promptly at 7pm, we went to a club called The Forge and I got to meet some of his friends. I danced with an interesting fellow that had dyed feathery wings and lots of piercings. During the evening, out the window from the club I notice a guy heavily augmented walk out of the building, then the white van that has been following us pulls up and the bug guy gets out and chases the other guy down the street. A bus blocks my view and the next thing I see is a pile of flesh and bone on the street and a note on top of it. The note said "and next the spire". I called Allen to warn him of the incoming danger. Not too long later he calls me back needing help, so I make quick, clumsy excuses and take off flying as fast as I can. I find Allen and the bug guy is chasing him, surfing on his bugs like a half sphere around him. I hide behind him and take a good shot. I hit him good but it was only in the shoulder and he closed the circle of bugs arounf him blocking any further shots. I fly past him and catch up to Allen, I grab onto him as the white van tries to cut us off, I lift him up and over the van and set him down again, but the bug guy almost catches us. When all of a sudden Gebus jumps in the way & freezes the bug guy where he is and tells us to run for it. Allen takes off for the beach and I fly up disguise myself with the sky and watch. Gebus slows down the movement of the bug guy and his bugs almost to a stop and then gets in his car and drives away, so I follow him until he stops at cafe de la loone. I decide to follow him in and see if I can get some questions answered. I thank him for saving us and ask him how he was there in time to save us, his response was that he didn't believe my excuse, so he followed me in his car. I didn't think I was flying that low but I wasn't trying to hide really so I believed him. We then tried to continue our date. I found out some more information: he is a chronomancer, he has a nice pad, with lots of glass stuff, he is an ecklectik colletor. He only has one visible exterior augmentation, he is good in bed, he also works for interscope and is apparently assigned to watch and investigate my boss. Once he let that slip he realised he was telling me too much information and was careful not to give me any more. So I dropped it and fell asleep.

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