Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tues Nov 2 /9AW

I was cast out by my fellow Sylvanesti, because of my different appearance. They pushed me through a portal, and I found myself in a very strange place. The people here speak a strange language they call English. Over a little while I have learned to communicate with them and have been surviving thus far. I have joined a group of operatives called GIS, and am now making some of the local currency. I found myself a place to live in what they call habitation units. Its small quite like a box with a bathroom. Its not much but its a roof over my head. I have slowly been collecting furnishings and things to make it more comfortable. I will soon be starting my first assignment. I have no idea what the job entails, the only info I have is a name and an address, but I will find out soon enough.

I went and met with Damien at his residence, and found out some startling info. I meet Allen a simulant, (a cyborg with a human conciousness, very interesting) and Damien who is a Vampire, he promises not to drink from me, something about my DNA, (suits me just fine). I found out that the first assignment is a heist, (Exciting and dangerous, hopefully not too dangerous) The target is a stone that is about to be put on display at a museum. We arrange to meet Damien at the museum later to scope it out. I take Allen to the Hab units to see if we can't get him his own residence. Later under the cover of darkness we meet with Damien at the museum. Turns out that there are glass celings in the main exhibit hall which is the one that our target will be displayed in. The room is about 60ft tall. I belive that I will be able to fly in and out. We figure getting through the glass and security should be the only problems. Allen is working on fooling the alarms, I would like to do this undetected, get in get the target and get out as quickly as possible. We ended up at a bar with Damien after scouting the building. Damien Intrigues me. I have never met a vampire before, but from what I have heard they are ruthless blood thirsty murdering machines. He does not strike me as such. At the bar he drank alcohol and ate chicken wings. I found this surprising and he retorted with the comment "I didn't choose to be a vampire". I kind of feel sorry for him.

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