Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wed Nov 3rd, 9AW

This morning Allen went to the museum and took video footage of inside. I will definitly be able to fly in there. Now to just figure out how I am going to get through the window. I decided to go to a glass shop looking for information. I got the information I was looking for, and ended up buying a bong from the glass blower who was flirting with me. I went to an arms dealer and purchased a new sword that they call a katana. Its beautiful and very sharp, and should be able to cut through the glass. I went back to the glass shop and flirted my way into testing the sword and borrowing a chunk of glass with the poromise to return it after my demonstration with it. I went to the hardware store to try to find something to hold onto and remove the glass once I cut it. At the hardware store I found out that I blew my budget on the new sword, maybe allen would be able to pick up the galss holder. I then went to go demonstrate the swords glass cutting ability, to Allen and Damien. Allen has more info on the security to research. I leave him to it, all that computer stuff is pretty boring to me. I went back to the glass shop to return the borrowed chunk of glass, and end up going on a date for dinner with the gentleman who was running the store. His name is Gebus (interesting and a little wierd to me but then again so are alot of things here). Allen calls and needs to meet up with me for some more information. I excuse myself from dinner, but agree to possibly see him again. (he seems nice enough). I started another tattoo around my belly button, it will look stunning when done.

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