Monday, November 29, 2010

Time for change

So It has been a long time since I posted anything. We had a bout of no internet for quite some time and that makes it hard to keep up with blogs and things. Then I decided to post a sewing tutorial and that lead me to want to start posting other sewing projects. I go through spurts with creative projects and things, so I've decided that I'm going to start blogging my latest projects here as well as all the role play game stuff I'm working on.
There are a lot of things I like to do with my creativity and one of those things is sew, mostly costumes but I make other stuff too.
Right now my current sewing project is a pair of funfur pants, and a Fox costume. I Originally was only going to make the pants but then I cut the fabric wrong in the front of the pants, so the fabric I made the mistake on is getting salvaged into a fox costume. Here are pictures of my progress so far.

 The pants are almost finished. All that is left to do is sew on pockets and belt loops.
The Fox costume is coming along nicely as well the leg warmers are completely finished and there is a tutorial here.

the ears will get attached to the bonnet and the tail will get a belt loop attachment the rest of the costume will come out of my wardrobe. The bonnet also needs flaps to attach the tassels on to. But it is coming along nicely.

Furry Red Leg Warmers

This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a pair of reversible furry leg warmers. You will need 2 types of material Type 1 fun fur. Type 2 a soft not too stretchy material for the lining. You will need enough of each to make 4 panels of your pattern. Make sure you have a good sturdy needle in your sewing machine fun fur has a tendency to break needles. i break a needle or 2 on every fur project so i make sure to have plenty of replacements on hand.
Step 1
Make your pattern. To make your pattern you need to measure from somewhere below your knee to the ground add 2" this is measurement B. Then you need to measure around the leg at the top of measurement B half of that number plus 1" is measurement A. Measurement C is 2x measurement A .The extra inches are for our seams. Now draw your pattern out on paper and cut it out. It should look something like this.
 now cut out 4 panels of your pattern on your fabric. make sure when cutting your fur that the fur goes downwards from A to C on each panel.
(In this case of leg warmers I didn't have enough fur to make four panels so I made the 2 back panels out of 2 half panels sewn together to make a full panel if you don't have enough fur to do full panels but can do it this way just allow for a 1/2 inch seam in the centre.)

Step 2
Take each of your inside and outside panels and match them up an inside one to an outside one, make sure that the fur is facing the inside and the soft side of your lining is facing the fur. Then sew along edge A. This is so that when you unfold it it looks like this with the seams on the inside.  
Do this to all 8 pieces so that now you have 4 long pieces.
Make sure to clean up all your seams by trimming off all the extra fuzz and stuff.

Step 3
Now we Put 2 pieces together fur to fur and lining to lining and Sew the long edge B on both sides. Make sure to line up Seam A in the centre, and when sewing with thick fur it makes it easier on your machine to go with the fur as much as possible. 
Sew all 4 panels together until you have 2 long tubes.

You will end up with some uneven edges as is the nature of fun fur
 Go ahead and clean up these edges by trimming them so they are even.

Step 4
The Elastic. now we take measurement A from before before we halved it and added seam allowance the straight measurement of around your leg at the top of measurement B. In this case mine is 14" this is approx how long we want to cut our elastic. cut 2 elastics turn them into a circle over lapsing them and inch or so
we want the elastic to be smaller than our leg circumference so that it will fit snug and hold the leg warmers up so they wont fall down.
next we put the elastic around the leg warmers all the way up till seam A.
Now we are going to reach our arm into the tube and grab the elastic at seam A and pull the fur down over the lining.
 This should now be edge A with the elastic at the top on the inside.
Now you want to pin the elastic in place by stretching the elastic so that material is flush all the way around.

At this point the bottom edge wont line up but don't worry about it yet. make sure that your seams line up
 Sew along the bottom edge of your pin line you can leave the pins in to tell you where the elastic is so you don't sew it you want it free flowing in this hem line. Just be careful not to stab yourself. make sure to keep the elastic stretched so that you don't get too much bunching under your sewing needle.

 now our top hem with the elastic will look like this
now you can trim the bottom edge so that it is straight

Step 5
The bottom hem. This is the part that I usually break most of my sewing machine needles on. Inside out your leg warmers.
now cut a few cm of the lining material off the bottom edge
now fold the fun fur over at the line of your cut lining fabric
roll the fold over one more time to hide the cut edge of the fabric inside the hem.
pin the hem in place so it doesn't slide around while you are sewing it.
now sew the hem removing the pins as you get to them, be careful here there is a lot of thick fabric in this hem. and the other seams can catch your sewing needle and bend or break it.

 before you start sewing the second one check to make sure it is the same length  as the first one. once you are finished inside them out and there you go. Furry leg warmers. All your inside seams are hidden so if it gets really cold you can wear them furry side in for extra warmth. just make sure to pick a good material for the inside lining.
Enjoy your furry leg warmers.