Monday, November 29, 2010

Time for change

So It has been a long time since I posted anything. We had a bout of no internet for quite some time and that makes it hard to keep up with blogs and things. Then I decided to post a sewing tutorial and that lead me to want to start posting other sewing projects. I go through spurts with creative projects and things, so I've decided that I'm going to start blogging my latest projects here as well as all the role play game stuff I'm working on.
There are a lot of things I like to do with my creativity and one of those things is sew, mostly costumes but I make other stuff too.
Right now my current sewing project is a pair of funfur pants, and a Fox costume. I Originally was only going to make the pants but then I cut the fabric wrong in the front of the pants, so the fabric I made the mistake on is getting salvaged into a fox costume. Here are pictures of my progress so far.

 The pants are almost finished. All that is left to do is sew on pockets and belt loops.
The Fox costume is coming along nicely as well the leg warmers are completely finished and there is a tutorial here.

the ears will get attached to the bonnet and the tail will get a belt loop attachment the rest of the costume will come out of my wardrobe. The bonnet also needs flaps to attach the tassels on to. But it is coming along nicely.

Furry Red Leg Warmers

This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a pair of reversible furry leg warmers. You will need 2 types of material Type 1 fun fur. Type 2 a soft not too stretchy material for the lining. You will need enough of each to make 4 panels of your pattern. Make sure you have a good sturdy needle in your sewing machine fun fur has a tendency to break needles. i break a needle or 2 on every fur project so i make sure to have plenty of replacements on hand.
Step 1
Make your pattern. To make your pattern you need to measure from somewhere below your knee to the ground add 2" this is measurement B. Then you need to measure around the leg at the top of measurement B half of that number plus 1" is measurement A. Measurement C is 2x measurement A .The extra inches are for our seams. Now draw your pattern out on paper and cut it out. It should look something like this.
 now cut out 4 panels of your pattern on your fabric. make sure when cutting your fur that the fur goes downwards from A to C on each panel.
(In this case of leg warmers I didn't have enough fur to make four panels so I made the 2 back panels out of 2 half panels sewn together to make a full panel if you don't have enough fur to do full panels but can do it this way just allow for a 1/2 inch seam in the centre.)

Step 2
Take each of your inside and outside panels and match them up an inside one to an outside one, make sure that the fur is facing the inside and the soft side of your lining is facing the fur. Then sew along edge A. This is so that when you unfold it it looks like this with the seams on the inside.  
Do this to all 8 pieces so that now you have 4 long pieces.
Make sure to clean up all your seams by trimming off all the extra fuzz and stuff.

Step 3
Now we Put 2 pieces together fur to fur and lining to lining and Sew the long edge B on both sides. Make sure to line up Seam A in the centre, and when sewing with thick fur it makes it easier on your machine to go with the fur as much as possible. 
Sew all 4 panels together until you have 2 long tubes.

You will end up with some uneven edges as is the nature of fun fur
 Go ahead and clean up these edges by trimming them so they are even.

Step 4
The Elastic. now we take measurement A from before before we halved it and added seam allowance the straight measurement of around your leg at the top of measurement B. In this case mine is 14" this is approx how long we want to cut our elastic. cut 2 elastics turn them into a circle over lapsing them and inch or so
we want the elastic to be smaller than our leg circumference so that it will fit snug and hold the leg warmers up so they wont fall down.
next we put the elastic around the leg warmers all the way up till seam A.
Now we are going to reach our arm into the tube and grab the elastic at seam A and pull the fur down over the lining.
 This should now be edge A with the elastic at the top on the inside.
Now you want to pin the elastic in place by stretching the elastic so that material is flush all the way around.

At this point the bottom edge wont line up but don't worry about it yet. make sure that your seams line up
 Sew along the bottom edge of your pin line you can leave the pins in to tell you where the elastic is so you don't sew it you want it free flowing in this hem line. Just be careful not to stab yourself. make sure to keep the elastic stretched so that you don't get too much bunching under your sewing needle.

 now our top hem with the elastic will look like this
now you can trim the bottom edge so that it is straight

Step 5
The bottom hem. This is the part that I usually break most of my sewing machine needles on. Inside out your leg warmers.
now cut a few cm of the lining material off the bottom edge
now fold the fun fur over at the line of your cut lining fabric
roll the fold over one more time to hide the cut edge of the fabric inside the hem.
pin the hem in place so it doesn't slide around while you are sewing it.
now sew the hem removing the pins as you get to them, be careful here there is a lot of thick fabric in this hem. and the other seams can catch your sewing needle and bend or break it.

 before you start sewing the second one check to make sure it is the same length  as the first one. once you are finished inside them out and there you go. Furry leg warmers. All your inside seams are hidden so if it gets really cold you can wear them furry side in for extra warmth. just make sure to pick a good material for the inside lining.
Enjoy your furry leg warmers.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tues Dec 7, 9AW

I awoke to the sounds and smell of coffee being brewed, I jumped in the shower and when I came out Genus was sitting in the living room. I could hear Felisce and Craxxx talking in the kitchen. Surprised I asked what they were doing here and got a vague answer about being summoned he quite inconveniently. I stopped asking questions, even though I am dying to know what's going on . I get the feeling everything will be all made clear soon. Red was not in her bed and Craxxx said she was sleeping in her bed, and attempt to pry more info from him was firmly denied. This lack of information is driving me crazy. Eventually we were summoned to to the penthouse suite where we had food and were finally informed about what was going on. We were introduced to the other team. The one who has been making use of all the information we have been gathering and cleaning house a bit. Apparently they took out Elliot Ingris using the information we recovered on him. Red showed up and knew the other team, she told me a confusing story so I looked through her memories and found the reason that she seemed to be acting strange was because she was actually somewhere else. Not sure exactly what Craxxx did but he was definitely involved. The reason we have all gathered here is to get our ship back. We formulate a plan, and Felisce,Dj Tech, Allen, Cypress, Craxxx and Smoake go out to scope out a place to make our battle grounds. While I requested a place to regenerate my magic, I was followed by Gebus and Red. 6 hours of what feels like much more rest later we meet back up with the crew and Eldor to go over the lay our of the building they chose and strategize. Plan in place, we headed out. The building they chose was a music conservatory that was once a temple to Vivoria. Even though she has been said to be a "forgotten" goddess apparently some people still worship her as this temple still has sanctity to it. Even though the building is no longer used as a place of worship as long as the deity remains the blessings built into the walls will still have an effect. Zyeriel Red and Dj Tech went and took care of the security guards, then Allen Cypress and Felisce went took our the power and communications while Smoake and I went down to the basement to take out any generator that the building might have. Once finished our tasks we all met up in the auditorium where we set up. DJ Tech and Allen Summoned the Daemons and then projected the counter caster at them to weaken them, while we were banishing them Eldor followed one back to its home plain to destroy it and retrieve our ship. The entire mission went very smoothly and was all done and over with in about half and hour, it was very draining on all of us. The building although quite beaten remained intact and we all headed back to the embassy. there we were congratulated by Dyscathi and de-briefed. Allen, Dj Tech and Zyeriel went to the Mechanicus temple, Red Craxxx, Gebus and I went to the suite that I was in before, to rest for the night. We have been given a couple of days off to rest here, and I am going to enjoy it as much as I can.

Mon Dec 6, 9AW

When we awoke, Eldor took us to his temple, the wall were covered with magical engravings. Hailey was there. From inside Eldor's temple Cypress opened a doorway into the dream-scape, and we all entered. Eldor was going to come along and help us get our ship back from the daemons who stole it from us. We travelled through dream-scape for what seemed like quite a while until we came upon a strange town filled with shape shifters. We found a place to get some food. I was unsure that it would actually nourish us but Eldor seemed to think it would. The food the food looked bland but it didn't taste that way. It actually tasted amazing. As soon as we stepped out of the Inn the town around us disapeared and we were suddenly standing in a jungle. We continued on our way but didn't seem to be making much headway so Eldor showed us how to construct some mounts. We Flew over a strange looking sea and entered into a completely mechanical island. While Allen went into a room and was communicating with the sentient island we were led to a resting area. The resting Area was a level of the Island with rooms and a garden that had a fountain in it. there were lots of bountiful plants growing everywhere. There was a strange jellyfish in a fountain who said that Destinos wanted us have some gifts that he was to give to us. A little suspicious I accepted the gift giving thanks for the Honour, and asked to take some of the soil that the plants were growing in as I wanted to research it i thought that it had something to do with why the plants were so healthy. A little while later we were led to a room with a giant stone circle standing in it. This was the gate room and apparently we were going to use this gate to get out of dream-scape and to our destination. Allen and Hailey joined us in this room and then input some co-ordinates and activated the gate. We walked through and on the other side we found ourselves in South America just outside of Peru. We then made our way to Peru. Once here Allen made his way to the Mechanicus temple and the rest of us went to the Embassy of the Order, where Eldor led us to a room for the night. The room is quite luxurious, we have eaten and are now drinking and relaxing for the night. Red has not joined in any of the festivities and went straight to her room. She had been acting strange and not saying much all day. Tomorrow I will find out what is wrong with her but for tonight Eldor has joined us in our revelry.

Sun Dec 5, 9AW

Once the forest returned to normal we immediately left the area to try to find somewhere to rest. After some travel off in the distance we spotted what appeared to be a city of some sort. Making that our destination we made our way there. We arrived to un-gated city part in ruin and part tended to. The remaining buildings all  seemed to be temples of some sort. We found our way to a temple of Bast, Red's deity, Inside this temple we found a secret stairwell to the underground. At the bottom of the stairs was a giant silver door with a mask on it. Eventually we managed to wake Cypress up and he identified it as the symbol of his Deity.  We managed to open the door inside the room was dark, un-naturally dark, like the dark was a fog that filled the room. The door closed behind us. We explored the room for a bit and when we were about to settle down for a rest I heard what was distinctly Hailey's engine idling somewhere from behind one of the walls. Further investigation revealed a door. We got it open and it lead to a dark hallway, also made of silver like the last room. We followed the sound of the bike to another door. I opened the door and got a bolt of something that shocked me as I did so. This room was filled with weapons all over the walls I strictly told everyone not to touch any of them or it would be bad, we continued on quickly. Eventually we ended up at a room that had mechanical plants growing all over it, the sound of Hailey's idling stopped and Craxxx excitedly started climbing all over the plants. I finally got enough information from him to learn that the plants were created by Rahk his "patron". Allen was of course very interested in the plants and wanted to study them so we decided to rest here. Still determined to find Hailey, I promised the rest I would be back and then continued to follow where the sound was coming from. I went down another corridor turned a corner and then in front of a silver door with the symbol of a burning crying eye that is the same as Hailey's headlight, was standing a tall 1/2 Elven man in dark green robes. I think I stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes, he was breathtaking. When I finally regained my composure, said hello and approached him, He responded with my name. This made me nervous, but his voice was soothing as he introduced himself as Eldor The Unkind. He told me that Hailey is safe, and that the door behind him leads to his temple, and that it wasn't time for me to enter there yet. He led me back to the others to rest for the night. Back with the others I started to roll a joint but Eldor handed me a bong full of elven pipe weed, so we smoked that instead, he also gifted me a bag of it. It was a little weird hanging out with someone who is considered a GOD, but I just didn't think about that and just remained respectful. He stayed and kept conversation going with me for quite a while, so I guess I was asking the right questions because I sure learned a lot. I learned a little bit about Hailey, she is one of his "daughters". He told me that this whole town is nothing but temples to every god worshipped. Including all the rooms that we went through to get here. The fallen or destroyed temples are buildings belonging to the gods that have been forgotten. Eventually he tells me to get some rest, that he will watch over us and tomorrow he will take us to his temple.

Sat Dec 4, 9AW

Gebus left early this morning, after cleaning up and packing I met up with the rest of the group and we took off. Travel was going well then about mid afternoon the ship was surrounded by some flying glowing orb like things, or what appeared as such. Eventually after communications with them, they ejected us from the ship and sent us tumbling to the ground. We exhausted ourselves trying to get the ship back, to no avail. We screamed our frustration and then travelled through the jungle till night fall. Finding ourself at a fairly large sacrificial altar right as night was falling was a very bad thing. All of a sudden the surrounding forest shifted and changed The air becoming more charged with magic we soon find ourselves surrounded by ravenous pixies and their mistress Dwixilette. We managed to barter for our lives with the food provisions and ale that we had with us. We survived till morning, and managed to gain some useful information. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fri Dec 3, 9AW

I awoke all snuggled up comphy and warm. The pretty feyline making cute snore purr sounds beside me, instead of waking her I wrote a note thanking her for the  wonderfull evening and biding her farwell. I then quietly left and went back to the ship to gather the rest and prepare to head out. We promptly left, not too far into our travel we rendezvoused with Allen and Phobos. We shared tales of our adventure on the way back to Berlin. We decided to spend the night in Berlin to regain supplies and do a little relaxing. So we checked into a hotel and got cleaned up and then went out to do a little shopping. We dropped our supplies off at the ship and ran into Gebus. Together we all went out to the Grudgebear bar for some drinks and to get some ale to take with us. At the bar we ran into Felisce and Dj Tech she was preparing to play a show here tonight, kinda on tour. Its a good alibi for other operations. At the end of the night I ended up taking Gebus and a pretty girl from the bar back to my hotel room.

Thurs Dec 2, 9AW

Early this morning, unable to wake Cypress, Red Craxxx and I headed out to go up and into the mountain. Up from where we camped the ship, I had detected an entrance to a cave and that's where we were headed. Allen had determined that there was a nexus point here and there seemed to be something generating energy in the mountain. Inside the mountain we found hallways and a room with a heavily rune covered door. Unable to open it we went in search of some sort of key. We found a room with a big fireplace. After inspecting it Red lit the fireplace up and then we heard movement in the hallways. We hid and carefully followed the noise. Turned out to be some mummies in priestly robes. They were going to open the door. I watched but when I went insubstantial to follow them in they saw me.  I conversed with the mummy and he allowed me to follow in and watch the ceremony. The keystone was suspended above an alter like circle heavily rune covered and emanating magic. I asked many questions and I found out that the ceremony was so that the dead souls of an ancient lost society could find their way home. When the ceremony was over they made me leave the room with them but Red who had not been seen and sneaked in behind me stayed in. Once out I waited till the mummy's went back to their tombs and had intended to go steal the key from them when a massive explosion rocking the entire mountain, I ran to the chamber and found Red holding the stone running towards me. We left as fast as possible found Craxxx and headed back to the ship. we flew off but soon were chased by a large dragon. We hurried and made it back to the ship to find that it was surrounded by Wolf-Si. We were signalled by and important looking silver manned female so I landed near her. After cautiously talking to her we were invited to spend the night in her camp, this is a high honour so of course we accepted. But that we were to leave right away in the morning. Before joining the festivities I called Phobos and let him know that we were on our way back package in hand he said that he had found Allen and that they should be on their way to rendezvous with us soon if all goes well. I have been extended the offer to sleep in a comfy bed with a pretty feyline. I am taking her up on the offer, now that business is taken care of.

Wed Dec 1, 9AW

This morning when I awoke our camp was surrounded by figures hiding in the distance amongst the trees watching us. I assume that this is the Wolf-Si that were following us the night before. They made no attempt at contact so we left quickly. About mid morning crossing a big body of water.Craxxx submerged the ship and we got caught in a vicious whirl pool. Eventually I managed to take control of the ship and pull us out of the the whirl pool. I landed the ship on shore as soon as possible. We rested for a bit and then re-orientated ourselves. While stopped Red left the ship to go for a short walk and was chased back to the ship by unseen figures. Once again we left quickly. We had almost arrived at our destination by the late afternoon but we were stopped dead in the air by a magical force field, so we landed. Followed closely by Craxxx, I went and sat and made flowers grow around me and waited for someone to come and approach me. Eventually I was approached by a Wolf-Si and a Feyline. They demanded why we were in there lands and what we were going to take from here. I replied honestly and when I told them all I wanted was the keystone they laughed at me and told me I was chasing a myth and that I could go ahead and try to find it. A little insulted I thanked them anyway and we were off again. A The clues weren't really much help but through logic we deduced where to search. we travelled for a bit longer and then camped for the night on a marble mountain.

Tues, Nov 30, 9AW

This morning Cypress and I met up with Craxxx at Phobos' house Craxxx was having breakfast with a human female woman named Red who is apparently coming along with us on our mission and back to Victoria as our new team mate. She looks quite young but seems bright. Allen was un-reachable, so we postponed our trip to go try and gain access to the Tabalaraza library I managed to bluff our way in for a few hours till Cypress got found out for being a dragon. but in 2 hours we were able to attain a lot of information. After leaving there still unable to contact Allen we decided to head out Phobos said he would  bring Allen to rendezvous with us when he finds him. We travelled till late and made camp. I slept in a tree surrounded by flowers. It was wonderful.

Mon Nov 29, 9AW

Slept in this morning, got ready and then went out to Damien's to meet up with the rest of the crew. Craxx flew the ship and we made it to just outside Berlin pretty quickly. I was contacted by a guy named Phobos who told us to wait where we were and that he would come to us. The wilderness here is actually growing. I went and sat in the grass and willed flowers to grow around me. Here I meditated for a bit. After a while we were approached by a a large mechanical Dragon with a dwarf inside. This was Phobos and the dragon is his transport golem. Impressive. He showed us the way to Berlin and got us settled in and then took us out to a nice bar for drinks.The place was full of operatives and other interesting people. I was informed that it was a dwarven grudgebear bar. The ale was amazing and potent. After a few hours I wanted to stretch my wings and go check out the city from above. The air was the freshest air I have tasted since came to the fifth. Cypress and I flying with the dragon golem as our escort upon Phobos' insistence. We played tag in the air frolicking around in the sky like I haven't done in a while. We eventually end up back at our hotel and I think I am going to work on another tattoo before going to bed.

Sun Nov 28, 9AW

Rebecca picked me up From Gebus' place early this morning and I went and trained with Kai some more. I went back to Gebus' place afterwards and he was packing to go out. He was packing a lot of hardware. Apparently he was heading out of town for a few days. He said he might see me in Berlin after we get back from Stonehedge. That would be nice. We smoked a joint and said our goodbyes. Dj Tech picked him up and I called cypress and headed over to his place. Craxx was there too, he got a phone call to go drive the APV for Damien. Cyress and I decided to go along for the ride but not before stopping at a liquor store. We went to Damien's and Allen was there wanting to go out of the city for a trip to play with his new toys and do some testing and target practice. (He had taken control of the robots from deep cove and brought them back with him). I suggested that we get some food to go with the booze and make a picnic out of it.  The picnic was nice until Craxx tied up a Green Wyrm. I helped it to get untangled and then offered it a sandwich, he didn't attack us and then he shape shifted into elven form and sat and had lunch with us we found out his name is Falist and that a pixie had apparently tied him up. When he left Craxx came back and we took off when I questioned him on why he tied up the Wyrm he said that he thought we said we wanted to do target practice and he was trying to help. Tomorrow we go to Berlin.

Sat Nov 28, 9AW

Early this morning I went and did some more training with Rebecca. She had me sparing with a new partner. The y were wearing a mask all I could tell was that it was ' a female of humanoid form. When she took off her mask I got a great shock. It was Kai. I was in the panther temple and in neutral territory therefore "safe" but it still made me nervous. she informed me that Yoto thinks she is dead and she is taking refuge in the panther temple. She hopes that we can be friends at least in the panther temple. (I'm surprised she's not mad at me for chopping off her head). When I got out of the temple Allen, Cypress, Craxx and Felice were waiting outside for me. We went for food and then went to go do some shopping. I picked up a bunch of seeds and supplies for my green house\garden and other plant stuff. I went home and made Craxx's hammock a little better by making it more of a planter so he can have dirt under foot instead of carpet and a little garden too. Went to pitch that evening and when I saw Damien and Dyscathi I quietly told them about Kai, and f course they already knew, so I guess its ok. I haven't told the others yet and she is trying to hide so maybe i'll do it quietly. Pitch was fun Dj Tech is amazing and her music is strangely addictive. I spent the night at Gebus' house.

Wed Nov 24, 9AW/ Thurs Nov 25, 9AW/ Fri Nov 26, 9AW

We rested for majority of the day while Allen Repaired himself. Sometime after nightfall we were re-joined by Sirrus Kane he had gone out to scope out the back of the mountain for other possible entrances. We then made plans to go back in. The Place was starting to fill up like bugs like a flood pouring out of the ground and filling the tunnel we made in. making going back in treacherous, icky and slow. Finally we made it further in and managed to find a control computer. Once Allen took control of the complex, Sirrus, Craxx, Cypress and I went into dream-scape to take out Kaylist there. I want to forget the insanity that I experienced while in the mind of someone so mentally unstable, so I will only write that we were successful and not go into any further details of that adventure. I was unaware of time passage while in the complex so the days blurred together. Upon awaking we find that there is people outside the complex trying to get in past the bugs. Which have been flowing so fast out of the hole in the ground, that they have filled up the first room and are spewing out the tunnel we dug to the outside. They had found our APC and were using it to communicate with Allen . They seemed to be friendlies so we didn't worry too much about them. We then continue our search for Kaylist's body and the keystone Eventually we are joined by the ones outside and it is Gebus, Felice and Dj Tech. Eventually Sirrus finds Kaylist and Kaylist has the stone on him. In our searches we discovered a strange magical flying vessel We figure out how to work it and use it to make our escape. Craxx takes the APV and we make a getaway just as a cyberworks team is approaching on our position most likely after the stone as well. We manage to evade and disable them temporarily and then ride a ley-line straight to Victoria using the Keystone to propel us along. We make the trip in a matter of minutes and I now understand the stones importance a bit more. They are tied into the nexus points and the ley-lines between them. We go straight to Dycathi's house and tell him and Damien what happened. Him and Damien cast a large spell and pull Craxx and the APV through a portal to the driveway. Once everyone had been de-briefed we called it a night and were given some time off. I am looking forward to it. We will meet up tomorrow at Pitch for some fun.

Tues, Nov 23, 9AW

We stopped in the ruins that once was Seattle at a truck stop/ strip club. Turns out that alcohol is like some sort of supped up coffee for the pixie which is a good thing since he happens to be our driver. A hour or so of drinking and eating and we are ready to go again. We arrive at the GPS location that my dad gave me. Sirrus Kane disappeared as as soon as we had arrived here. This location appears to be a complex hidden behind a landslide. So far it has been treacherous trying to infiltrate it. Allen and I made a tunnel in but once inside we hit resistance via automatic defence systems and robots. We have pulled back and hidden our transport to rest and formulate a new plan of action hopefully Cypress will wake by then as he has been sleeping this entire trip and most of the last one too. I'm getting worried and frustrated as we need him to help with this.

Mon Nov 22, 9AW

I awoke to breakfast smells coming from the kitchen. Not remembering my house guests I was surprised to see Craxx the pixie and Cypress in my kitchen. Craxx was making Waffles. Cypress had made coffee. Soon after Gebus Showed up and then Allen and Then Damien even showed up. We discussed the next mission, which was to go out of the city to Deep Cove after another stone. We would be taking the APV with Craxx as our driver and Sirrus Kane along with us. We were given some time to make preparations before leaving and we all started getting ready. We left the city at dark fall.

Sun Nov 21, 9AW

We all meet at Damiens at 4 as planed for the meeting. We then went out to do some more research on the stones. I immediately went to the library and spent a few hours there. I reported my findings to Allen and the guys and then went to pitch to Talk to Mr Surge and have a few drinks. Well a few drinks turned into alot of drinks and I let loose a little bit. the music was good and dancing was fun so I stayed a little late. Its been a rough week and I wanted to enjoy myself. I ended up at home late quite intoxicated, Cypress and the pixie were staying at my place but I barely noticed them as I stumbled in.

Sat Nov 20, 9AW

We arrived back late, and as soon as we hit the outer city limits known as Delta sector our APV was surrounded by a swarm of bikers so as to meet them at their own level I popped open the back loading doors and rode Hailey out to meet them. I introduce myself to the one who looks to be the leader, his name is Crash. Turns out they were policing the area and they saw us leaving, tailing after the cyberworks van the day before. A verification of my ID tells them that we are GIS affiliated too so all was good. They insisted that we stay and drink with them. So we did for a bit I was getting a lot of attention from all of them due to my bike I'm sure, as Hailey is a beautiful machine definitely to be admired. After what was just enough time to be polite I gathered us to go. I wouldn't have felt right until we got that stone to Damien's house. We made it back with out any more trouble and Craxx didn't crash the APV too much when parking it. We got paid and sent home to rest with a meeting time for tommorow. On my way home I contacted Gebus to come and visit me, I hopped in the shower and Gebus showed up shortly after. It's good to be back, this is starting to feel like home. 

Fri Nov 19, 9AW

The surveillance that I planted showed us that they had found the stones location and that Elliot Ingris was leading the expedition. What luck since he is still on our hit list if we are lucky we might be able to take him out here. We set up an ambush and although the use of grenades was probably a bit excessive we were very successful on taking most of the team out and staling the keystone away from them. some of the Cyberworks team did manage to escape and I'm positive that Elliot was one of the ones to escape. Either way our cargo is secure and we are on our way back into the city. The pixie whose name is Craxx is turning out to be quite useful with lots of hidden talents and he actually happens to be driving for us at the moment since our original driver didn't make it.  

Thurs Nov18, 9AW

We have been trailing the cyberworks team for a little while now and they have made camp. Once they are all settled in I am going to go to their camp and plant some surveillance devices to get a better idea of what they are up to.
On my way back from planting the surveillance there was a ghostly figure approaching our apv. When I approached, it attacked me. We managed to defeat it and then we were joined by a strange pixie who apparently had been following the sword wraith looking for entertainment. Finding us interesting the pixie decides to stay with us for a while, unable to dissuade the strange cybernetics enhanced pixie from following us we decided that it probably couldn't do too much harm to let him stay. He is quite entertaining and fun. We will just have to keep an eye on him till we know whether we can trust him or not.

Wed Nov 17, 9AW

Today on surveillance Cypress jumped the gun, and engaged in combat with a bus full of ninjas (a little stupid maybe) I am still baffled by his reasoning. We managed to recover with out too much damage to the the surveillance. We found out about some strange stones called keystones, and are now preparing to go out of the city to try and ambush a cyberworks team to see if we can recover a keystone from them. Hope this goes smoother than the rest of today.

Tues, Nov 16, 9AW

After some more surveillance we tracked Elliot to his Sidney office. I attempted contact, more like barged my way into his office to find him in a meeting with Yoto. This throws me completely off and I forget all my questions. What I should have done is exclaim how happy i was to find him there since i had questions for him too and continued on the investigation just like with all the other witnesses. Instead I froze up and let Yoto lead me out of the office and into his car on the pretence of answering my questions in his own office, I did manage to plant a couple of bugs in the office on my way out. He was being so polite and then the bastard tried to kill me by locking me in his car with explosives and then phasing out of the car. I tried to follow suit but some sort of shielding prevented me from doing so. I pulled out my katana and sliced a hole in the roof of the car as i was prying the hole open Cypress was there helping me from the top of the car and with his help I made my escape just as the bomb was exploding, the shock wave from the blast sent me flying through the air but I recovered quickly enough to use the force to speed along my getaway. I am still quite shaken from the experience and will not make such a deadly mistake again. I am lucky to be alive and I will not forget this lesson.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cilyne's mini part 2

I finished painting her about a week ago but its taken me a while to get around to taking pics. i put dead grass on the front of her base in patches and green grass where she would have stepped to signify the earth elemental powers and the habit she has of making things grow as she walks.
 the green things on the front of her are supposed to be grenades but most of the equipment bits i was able to acquire were really big for her petite frame so i tried to make some bullets look like grenades. and then i used some bullets on her hip to make a pouch of vials since she cares vials of stuff on her.  just for comparison sakes i took a picture of her beside the other mini of the same model i converted for my slaaneshii harpies unit.

Mon, Nov 15, 9AW

After some more investigating today, we were given the order to take the heads of the two who commited the act (A man named Jordan Blike and a woman named Kai) and capture their boss (Aman named Elliot Ingris) for questioning. We managed to take out the 2, I took Kai by surprise and took off her head with a good swipe of my sword. Jordan was a little harder to ambush and there was alot more collateral dammage after taking him out.  But thier boss is going to be bit more chalenging. We will need to act fast before he realizes that 2 of his operatives are dead. Its been a long day and I am exhausted. hopefully we will be able to wrap this all up by tommorow night.

Monday, March 1, 2010

painting models

Photo by Lords Baine and Imogene Bailey.
subjects in picture are ricalope's lord of change model and Imogen Bailey.
A few weekends ago a good friend of mine asked me to paint her. her and her photographer friend have been working on first taking pictures of ricalope and my miniatures  and then implementing her into pictures with the models. this is the first one that she has showed me these are the pictures i took after i painted her. 
I really think that she needs some big bloodthirster wings and a big sword.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sun, Nov 14 9AW

This morning Felice was looking better, he was up and about at least. First order of the day was to go shopping, I needed to restock some supplies, fix the armour and equip our new backup (Cypress) with a sniper rifle. Then we did some tailing and investigating. We inteviewed a few of the survivors and found some concrete evidence. Looks like it was not just one person but two and that they were hired to do it. So now to get down to the motive and who hired them. But so far the investigation is going rather smoothly. I planted some more survelence equipment in the office and we will follow up on it tommorow. When I got home tonight Felisce was gone. Oh well, Ill see him next time. As much as I wanted to hear more stories about his trip to the first I have an investigation to concentrate on and I need to make sure I am welll rested and prepared for it.

Sat Nov 13, 9AW

At 9am sharp, shortly after Gebus left for work Rebecca showed up to do some light training. We flew off to a diffrent location than last time. She said that she wants to keep changing the locations we train at because it helps to develop diverse readiness. Sounds logical to me. After training she dropped me off at home. Not long after I got a visitor. Felisce! He is back from the First looking a little worse for wear and with a present for me. I love presents, but this one was super special. He handed me the keys to the bike and tells me that the bikes name is Hailey. Aparently he got the keys from a blind woman, who lead them into hell. Sounds like an amazing woman. I am honored that she gave me the keys (so to speak). Not to keep him from rest too long, I don't ask too many questions even though im full of them. I set him up with a nice shower and then pull out the hide-a-bed so he can get some rest. He will tell me more when he is feeling better I'm sure. Allen calls after a bit and askes me to meet up with him and our new team-mate (surprise, but we do need some more backup so this should workout well) I met up with them at JavaJoes, and was introduced to our new team mate Cypress. He appears to be 1/2 elven but some strange things about his appearance makes one think that he is something else entirely. We went shopping for the party tonight so that we would all have something appropriate to wear. After shopping we went for food, where we met up with Gebus, who joined us for our meal and then assisted us in going and setting Cypress up with an appartment. starting to run short on time I run home to get changed and check on Felice before tonights party.
Dyscathi's house is quite elegant and the party was nice to begin with. I did some attempts to pry information from Yoto but didn't find out much. The party was ended sudenly by a wave of death magic taking out 75% of  the guests. Allen Cypress and I are working on an investigation to who did it. I have already planted a recording device into the office of one of the leads, and we have started doing some digging on the people unnacounted for so far. I plan to question all the survivors. But first I need some rest.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Karyssa's mini part 1

This mini was alot easier for me to convert so that It would fit Karyssa's discription than it was for me to do cilyne's mini. This one is from privateer press its the dirty meg model with a couple of gw bits i think i should be putting putty tips on her ears to make them pointed but thats not going to be easy so I might let it slide.

painted pictures will come eventually.