Monday, March 29, 2010

Tues, Nov 23, 9AW

We stopped in the ruins that once was Seattle at a truck stop/ strip club. Turns out that alcohol is like some sort of supped up coffee for the pixie which is a good thing since he happens to be our driver. A hour or so of drinking and eating and we are ready to go again. We arrive at the GPS location that my dad gave me. Sirrus Kane disappeared as as soon as we had arrived here. This location appears to be a complex hidden behind a landslide. So far it has been treacherous trying to infiltrate it. Allen and I made a tunnel in but once inside we hit resistance via automatic defence systems and robots. We have pulled back and hidden our transport to rest and formulate a new plan of action hopefully Cypress will wake by then as he has been sleeping this entire trip and most of the last one too. I'm getting worried and frustrated as we need him to help with this.

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