Monday, March 29, 2010

Sat Nov 28, 9AW

Early this morning I went and did some more training with Rebecca. She had me sparing with a new partner. The y were wearing a mask all I could tell was that it was ' a female of humanoid form. When she took off her mask I got a great shock. It was Kai. I was in the panther temple and in neutral territory therefore "safe" but it still made me nervous. she informed me that Yoto thinks she is dead and she is taking refuge in the panther temple. She hopes that we can be friends at least in the panther temple. (I'm surprised she's not mad at me for chopping off her head). When I got out of the temple Allen, Cypress, Craxx and Felice were waiting outside for me. We went for food and then went to go do some shopping. I picked up a bunch of seeds and supplies for my green house\garden and other plant stuff. I went home and made Craxx's hammock a little better by making it more of a planter so he can have dirt under foot instead of carpet and a little garden too. Went to pitch that evening and when I saw Damien and Dyscathi I quietly told them about Kai, and f course they already knew, so I guess its ok. I haven't told the others yet and she is trying to hide so maybe i'll do it quietly. Pitch was fun Dj Tech is amazing and her music is strangely addictive. I spent the night at Gebus' house.

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