Monday, March 29, 2010

Wed Dec 1, 9AW

This morning when I awoke our camp was surrounded by figures hiding in the distance amongst the trees watching us. I assume that this is the Wolf-Si that were following us the night before. They made no attempt at contact so we left quickly. About mid morning crossing a big body of water.Craxxx submerged the ship and we got caught in a vicious whirl pool. Eventually I managed to take control of the ship and pull us out of the the whirl pool. I landed the ship on shore as soon as possible. We rested for a bit and then re-orientated ourselves. While stopped Red left the ship to go for a short walk and was chased back to the ship by unseen figures. Once again we left quickly. We had almost arrived at our destination by the late afternoon but we were stopped dead in the air by a magical force field, so we landed. Followed closely by Craxxx, I went and sat and made flowers grow around me and waited for someone to come and approach me. Eventually I was approached by a Wolf-Si and a Feyline. They demanded why we were in there lands and what we were going to take from here. I replied honestly and when I told them all I wanted was the keystone they laughed at me and told me I was chasing a myth and that I could go ahead and try to find it. A little insulted I thanked them anyway and we were off again. A The clues weren't really much help but through logic we deduced where to search. we travelled for a bit longer and then camped for the night on a marble mountain.

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