Monday, March 29, 2010

Tues, Nov 16, 9AW

After some more surveillance we tracked Elliot to his Sidney office. I attempted contact, more like barged my way into his office to find him in a meeting with Yoto. This throws me completely off and I forget all my questions. What I should have done is exclaim how happy i was to find him there since i had questions for him too and continued on the investigation just like with all the other witnesses. Instead I froze up and let Yoto lead me out of the office and into his car on the pretence of answering my questions in his own office, I did manage to plant a couple of bugs in the office on my way out. He was being so polite and then the bastard tried to kill me by locking me in his car with explosives and then phasing out of the car. I tried to follow suit but some sort of shielding prevented me from doing so. I pulled out my katana and sliced a hole in the roof of the car as i was prying the hole open Cypress was there helping me from the top of the car and with his help I made my escape just as the bomb was exploding, the shock wave from the blast sent me flying through the air but I recovered quickly enough to use the force to speed along my getaway. I am still quite shaken from the experience and will not make such a deadly mistake again. I am lucky to be alive and I will not forget this lesson.

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