Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sun Dec 5, 9AW

Once the forest returned to normal we immediately left the area to try to find somewhere to rest. After some travel off in the distance we spotted what appeared to be a city of some sort. Making that our destination we made our way there. We arrived to un-gated city part in ruin and part tended to. The remaining buildings all  seemed to be temples of some sort. We found our way to a temple of Bast, Red's deity, Inside this temple we found a secret stairwell to the underground. At the bottom of the stairs was a giant silver door with a mask on it. Eventually we managed to wake Cypress up and he identified it as the symbol of his Deity.  We managed to open the door inside the room was dark, un-naturally dark, like the dark was a fog that filled the room. The door closed behind us. We explored the room for a bit and when we were about to settle down for a rest I heard what was distinctly Hailey's engine idling somewhere from behind one of the walls. Further investigation revealed a door. We got it open and it lead to a dark hallway, also made of silver like the last room. We followed the sound of the bike to another door. I opened the door and got a bolt of something that shocked me as I did so. This room was filled with weapons all over the walls I strictly told everyone not to touch any of them or it would be bad, we continued on quickly. Eventually we ended up at a room that had mechanical plants growing all over it, the sound of Hailey's idling stopped and Craxxx excitedly started climbing all over the plants. I finally got enough information from him to learn that the plants were created by Rahk his "patron". Allen was of course very interested in the plants and wanted to study them so we decided to rest here. Still determined to find Hailey, I promised the rest I would be back and then continued to follow where the sound was coming from. I went down another corridor turned a corner and then in front of a silver door with the symbol of a burning crying eye that is the same as Hailey's headlight, was standing a tall 1/2 Elven man in dark green robes. I think I stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes, he was breathtaking. When I finally regained my composure, said hello and approached him, He responded with my name. This made me nervous, but his voice was soothing as he introduced himself as Eldor The Unkind. He told me that Hailey is safe, and that the door behind him leads to his temple, and that it wasn't time for me to enter there yet. He led me back to the others to rest for the night. Back with the others I started to roll a joint but Eldor handed me a bong full of elven pipe weed, so we smoked that instead, he also gifted me a bag of it. It was a little weird hanging out with someone who is considered a GOD, but I just didn't think about that and just remained respectful. He stayed and kept conversation going with me for quite a while, so I guess I was asking the right questions because I sure learned a lot. I learned a little bit about Hailey, she is one of his "daughters". He told me that this whole town is nothing but temples to every god worshipped. Including all the rooms that we went through to get here. The fallen or destroyed temples are buildings belonging to the gods that have been forgotten. Eventually he tells me to get some rest, that he will watch over us and tomorrow he will take us to his temple.

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