Monday, March 29, 2010

Wed Nov 24, 9AW/ Thurs Nov 25, 9AW/ Fri Nov 26, 9AW

We rested for majority of the day while Allen Repaired himself. Sometime after nightfall we were re-joined by Sirrus Kane he had gone out to scope out the back of the mountain for other possible entrances. We then made plans to go back in. The Place was starting to fill up like bugs like a flood pouring out of the ground and filling the tunnel we made in. making going back in treacherous, icky and slow. Finally we made it further in and managed to find a control computer. Once Allen took control of the complex, Sirrus, Craxx, Cypress and I went into dream-scape to take out Kaylist there. I want to forget the insanity that I experienced while in the mind of someone so mentally unstable, so I will only write that we were successful and not go into any further details of that adventure. I was unaware of time passage while in the complex so the days blurred together. Upon awaking we find that there is people outside the complex trying to get in past the bugs. Which have been flowing so fast out of the hole in the ground, that they have filled up the first room and are spewing out the tunnel we dug to the outside. They had found our APC and were using it to communicate with Allen . They seemed to be friendlies so we didn't worry too much about them. We then continue our search for Kaylist's body and the keystone Eventually we are joined by the ones outside and it is Gebus, Felice and Dj Tech. Eventually Sirrus finds Kaylist and Kaylist has the stone on him. In our searches we discovered a strange magical flying vessel We figure out how to work it and use it to make our escape. Craxx takes the APV and we make a getaway just as a cyberworks team is approaching on our position most likely after the stone as well. We manage to evade and disable them temporarily and then ride a ley-line straight to Victoria using the Keystone to propel us along. We make the trip in a matter of minutes and I now understand the stones importance a bit more. They are tied into the nexus points and the ley-lines between them. We go straight to Dycathi's house and tell him and Damien what happened. Him and Damien cast a large spell and pull Craxx and the APV through a portal to the driveway. Once everyone had been de-briefed we called it a night and were given some time off. I am looking forward to it. We will meet up tomorrow at Pitch for some fun.

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