Monday, March 29, 2010

Fri Nov 19, 9AW

The surveillance that I planted showed us that they had found the stones location and that Elliot Ingris was leading the expedition. What luck since he is still on our hit list if we are lucky we might be able to take him out here. We set up an ambush and although the use of grenades was probably a bit excessive we were very successful on taking most of the team out and staling the keystone away from them. some of the Cyberworks team did manage to escape and I'm positive that Elliot was one of the ones to escape. Either way our cargo is secure and we are on our way back into the city. The pixie whose name is Craxx is turning out to be quite useful with lots of hidden talents and he actually happens to be driving for us at the moment since our original driver didn't make it.  

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