Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tues Dec 7, 9AW

I awoke to the sounds and smell of coffee being brewed, I jumped in the shower and when I came out Genus was sitting in the living room. I could hear Felisce and Craxxx talking in the kitchen. Surprised I asked what they were doing here and got a vague answer about being summoned he quite inconveniently. I stopped asking questions, even though I am dying to know what's going on . I get the feeling everything will be all made clear soon. Red was not in her bed and Craxxx said she was sleeping in her bed, and attempt to pry more info from him was firmly denied. This lack of information is driving me crazy. Eventually we were summoned to to the penthouse suite where we had food and were finally informed about what was going on. We were introduced to the other team. The one who has been making use of all the information we have been gathering and cleaning house a bit. Apparently they took out Elliot Ingris using the information we recovered on him. Red showed up and knew the other team, she told me a confusing story so I looked through her memories and found the reason that she seemed to be acting strange was because she was actually somewhere else. Not sure exactly what Craxxx did but he was definitely involved. The reason we have all gathered here is to get our ship back. We formulate a plan, and Felisce,Dj Tech, Allen, Cypress, Craxxx and Smoake go out to scope out a place to make our battle grounds. While I requested a place to regenerate my magic, I was followed by Gebus and Red. 6 hours of what feels like much more rest later we meet back up with the crew and Eldor to go over the lay our of the building they chose and strategize. Plan in place, we headed out. The building they chose was a music conservatory that was once a temple to Vivoria. Even though she has been said to be a "forgotten" goddess apparently some people still worship her as this temple still has sanctity to it. Even though the building is no longer used as a place of worship as long as the deity remains the blessings built into the walls will still have an effect. Zyeriel Red and Dj Tech went and took care of the security guards, then Allen Cypress and Felisce went took our the power and communications while Smoake and I went down to the basement to take out any generator that the building might have. Once finished our tasks we all met up in the auditorium where we set up. DJ Tech and Allen Summoned the Daemons and then projected the counter caster at them to weaken them, while we were banishing them Eldor followed one back to its home plain to destroy it and retrieve our ship. The entire mission went very smoothly and was all done and over with in about half and hour, it was very draining on all of us. The building although quite beaten remained intact and we all headed back to the embassy. there we were congratulated by Dyscathi and de-briefed. Allen, Dj Tech and Zyeriel went to the Mechanicus temple, Red Craxxx, Gebus and I went to the suite that I was in before, to rest for the night. We have been given a couple of days off to rest here, and I am going to enjoy it as much as I can.

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