Thursday, March 13, 2014

Convention De-frazzle

Wow preparing for having an Artist table at 2 conventions in the same month was intense. Not to forget that it was my first time having a table to sell my creations from. Everything worked out beautifully and my stressed self is now unwinding. I did well enough that next year I think an upgrade is in order. I have so many plans and ideas for product, but I just did not have enough time to get them all under way or truth be known even finish some of the big ones I have started. I currently have about 100 or more projects on the go in various stages of progress, this is what I get for assembly lining my work.
Tsukinocon was fun, I was nervous and excited the whole time and it makes for an interesting combination.
Nervous because I have no idea how people will react to my creations or if I will even sell any, and Excited because this was my first time vending at a Convention. I did well enough, and was stressed about not having enough product for no reason. Although I did sell out of White wolf ears very quick and could have sold more. How was I to anticipate something like that? A mad rush to finish more product in the 2 weeks after Tsukinocon before Gottacon, and it was worth it. I got a bunch more pics at Tsukinocon than I did at Gottacon. As I actually remembered that my phone camera works quite well at Tsukinocon but then left my phone at my dads for the duration of Gottacon, and kept forgetting that I had my tablet to take pictures with. Here are all the pictures I have to share:
Tsukinocon 2014

Gottacon 2014
Some of these are stolen from friends.

The littlest Tentacle monster

I found this in my drafts folder. Bad Sammy, not publishing it a long time ago.
I spent my evening last night coming up with a new design for the tentacle monsters. Mini ones that can be dice bags. It turned out so very adorable. It was finicky and frustrating to make but the very first of any project usually ends up that way. Smaller means harder to sew. I wanted to make them small enough to fit inside of the big one but it does not work. No way am I going to go any smaller. Next on the line up is making child sized backpacks. those should be easier. I ordered smaller clips and am just waiting for them to arrive before I start on the child sized ones.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Productive tentacle monsters

The tentacle monster production has been coming along well. The main problem that I seem to be having is that the tentacle monsters are finding homes as fast as I can make them. I'm sure part of the problem is that I keep giving them out as presents.

                                            Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope you name him soon.

 A happy Miss. Rosa and her Lawrd Lumpy.

 This one is Allie's. I hope he gets a name soon too.

 And this accusing one has no clips as per requested by Dina. 

 I don't know what his name is yet either.

 I really should make a comic out of all these pictures. I have so many of them you are only seeing a fraction of the pics I have of these very hug-able and oh so expressive tentacle monsters. Next up a pair for wedding presents.
Until next time....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Orgy of tentacle monsters?

As I'm sitting in my chair late one night and stuffing tentacle monsters, I'm thinking, if you got a pod of whales, a school of fish a swarm of jellyfish what would a group of tentacle monsters be called? So I asked Jordan what he thought, He said "If a group of crows can be called a murder would a group of tentacle monsters be called a rape?" To which I burst into loud laughter for a few minutes I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything at the time. I thought about it and then stated that that's a little too vulgar for me to be saying often. So he turned to the computer and typed in a query and came up with the answer that according to Ghastly's Ghastly comic a group of tentacle monsters is an Orgasm.
I thought about it for a bit and decided although it has a nice ring to it it just didn't quite fit. Then it came to me. A group of tentacle monsters would be an Orgy!, because when you get that many tentacles together what else would it be?
So here we go the start of my tentacle monster orgy.

I have now completed 4 tentacle monsters, The leopard one is for sale.

The red one is for Dezzy.

 I have many more in the works, I am going to be posting random progress and what not here and only posting finished product on Deviant art. As this is my blog and Deviant art is my display case.
Till the next post.