Friday, June 7, 2013

Productive tentacle monsters

The tentacle monster production has been coming along well. The main problem that I seem to be having is that the tentacle monsters are finding homes as fast as I can make them. I'm sure part of the problem is that I keep giving them out as presents.

                                            Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope you name him soon.

 A happy Miss. Rosa and her Lawrd Lumpy.

 This one is Allie's. I hope he gets a name soon too.

 And this accusing one has no clips as per requested by Dina. 

 I don't know what his name is yet either.

 I really should make a comic out of all these pictures. I have so many of them you are only seeing a fraction of the pics I have of these very hug-able and oh so expressive tentacle monsters. Next up a pair for wedding presents.
Until next time....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Orgy of tentacle monsters?

As I'm sitting in my chair late one night and stuffing tentacle monsters, I'm thinking, if you got a pod of whales, a school of fish a swarm of jellyfish what would a group of tentacle monsters be called? So I asked Jordan what he thought, He said "If a group of crows can be called a murder would a group of tentacle monsters be called a rape?" To which I burst into loud laughter for a few minutes I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything at the time. I thought about it and then stated that that's a little too vulgar for me to be saying often. So he turned to the computer and typed in a query and came up with the answer that according to Ghastly's Ghastly comic a group of tentacle monsters is an Orgasm.
I thought about it for a bit and decided although it has a nice ring to it it just didn't quite fit. Then it came to me. A group of tentacle monsters would be an Orgy!, because when you get that many tentacles together what else would it be?
So here we go the start of my tentacle monster orgy.

I have now completed 4 tentacle monsters, The leopard one is for sale.

The red one is for Dezzy.

 I have many more in the works, I am going to be posting random progress and what not here and only posting finished product on Deviant art. As this is my blog and Deviant art is my display case.
Till the next post.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tentacle Monsters Galore!

The newest most note worthy project to date has me swimming in tentacles. Yay!
I was trying to come up with an awesome birthday present for a friend. I was failing not able to think of a single thing. All of a sudden inspiration hit! And boy did it ever.......
 Stuffed tentacle monster!
 Now what if that tentacle monster had a pocket, even better right?
And what if the Tentacle monster was a backpack that could ride around on your back?
Pretty awesome right. Now I want one too. Along with the inspiration came a frenzy of energy to create. So that's what I have been doing. I want one too so I made mine first, got to get the design right before I can make one to give away. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

The first tentacle monster turned out well, all be it a little under stuffed. I named him Sir Galahad Tentaclies (Gally or Tentaclies for short, I switch back and forth between the two nicknames)
He is so expressive. Look how happy he is. I think I'm going to add more horns. The pocket is in the underside and 4 of the tentacles have back pack clips attached so the tentacles wrap around you and he sits on your back.
He is so awesome, that I know that more people will want these.
So I decided that I am going to start manufacturing them for sale. I'm not sure how I am going to go about this quite yet but I figure I will start getting a stock going and then maybe sell them at my local conventions next year then maybe think of branching out and making an online store or something.
I think I am also going to start making other things to sell like furry leg warmers, and ears and tails maybe fuzzy dice bags. We will see.
 In the flurry of creative inspired energy I went through all my fabric and stuff to see what I can make just from what I already have and like most people who sew, I have quite a stock of fabric hoarded. This will be just the perfect thing to use up some of that stock.
After I finished Gally. I then made the Present that inspired this whole venture
Happy Birthday Jordan!

He has named him Dax
These things are so much fun I keep finding them posed all over the house. (Sometimes I'm the culprit too)


Im now working on the next one. Its unbelievably soft.
It still needs eyes and horns...
And of course there are still more coming. I'm going to make another one as a birthday present for Dezzy. And I have about 5 cut out that are going to be for sale.
I've decided to call my textiles art Samalander Creations. I'm working on Business cards to give out at conventions and what not. and a logo to make tags for stuff I've been going over material costs as a bunch of the stuff I had still had price tags on them. I took a type of fabric and cut out all I could from it then recorded it down and the price of the fabric, I think I've come up with a reasonable price for them. It's seeming like each monster takes about 12 hours of straight work. Of course I've been splitting that up though out the weeks and in my "spare time" working on them. I'm getting about one done a week so far.

thanks for reading