Saturday, May 7, 2011

Furry Black legs

I have learnt that making pants is not as easy as I thought it would be. And working with fun fur is frustrating, my last attempt at making pants didn't quite work right. i ended up with funny bulges and they didnt fit right. So this time I decided to try just sewing the funfur onto the legs of this comfy pair of cords.
I cut out 2 leg pieces leaving a fair bit of room for hems
sew the pieces together and then cut the original legs off the pants. sew the new furry legs to the now booty short cords and now I have furry black legs. the pants are very comfortable. and I want to wear them to work. wonder if any one would notice that the fur on my legs goes all the way up instead of just to my knees, like the leg warmers that I often wear to work.
 the last thing I had to do was sew the hem at the bottom.
They look pretty good. I have a bunch of this fur left too so more leg warmers and another bonnet maybe a tail to come.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Awesome Utility Belt!

Ok so I don't do any kind of construction unless its art construction so I have no need for a work utility belt, But there is nothing saying a girl doesn't need a party utility belt. I was in the lingerie shop also known as a sex shop and fell in love with this little purple plaid thing that i think is supposed to be a skirt but its really not much more than a belt. so i decided to turn it into a utility belt. Cut off the zipper and add a coupe of straps and clips and hey look it really is a belt. A special pouch for a mickey and one for a shot glass, a pouch for my cigarettes and one for my video camera, a pouch for other smokables and one for a grinder, and 2 decent sized pouches for random stuff, looks like its all set.

Some of the pouches are fun fur and some of them are made out of duct tape and cardboard. they can be removed so that they can be arranged in any order or put onto a regular belt instead. Over all I'm very happy with it.