Thursday, March 13, 2014

Convention De-frazzle

Wow preparing for having an Artist table at 2 conventions in the same month was intense. Not to forget that it was my first time having a table to sell my creations from. Everything worked out beautifully and my stressed self is now unwinding. I did well enough that next year I think an upgrade is in order. I have so many plans and ideas for product, but I just did not have enough time to get them all under way or truth be known even finish some of the big ones I have started. I currently have about 100 or more projects on the go in various stages of progress, this is what I get for assembly lining my work.
Tsukinocon was fun, I was nervous and excited the whole time and it makes for an interesting combination.
Nervous because I have no idea how people will react to my creations or if I will even sell any, and Excited because this was my first time vending at a Convention. I did well enough, and was stressed about not having enough product for no reason. Although I did sell out of White wolf ears very quick and could have sold more. How was I to anticipate something like that? A mad rush to finish more product in the 2 weeks after Tsukinocon before Gottacon, and it was worth it. I got a bunch more pics at Tsukinocon than I did at Gottacon. As I actually remembered that my phone camera works quite well at Tsukinocon but then left my phone at my dads for the duration of Gottacon, and kept forgetting that I had my tablet to take pictures with. Here are all the pictures I have to share:
Tsukinocon 2014

Gottacon 2014
Some of these are stolen from friends.

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