Monday, March 29, 2010

Tues, Nov 30, 9AW

This morning Cypress and I met up with Craxxx at Phobos' house Craxxx was having breakfast with a human female woman named Red who is apparently coming along with us on our mission and back to Victoria as our new team mate. She looks quite young but seems bright. Allen was un-reachable, so we postponed our trip to go try and gain access to the Tabalaraza library I managed to bluff our way in for a few hours till Cypress got found out for being a dragon. but in 2 hours we were able to attain a lot of information. After leaving there still unable to contact Allen we decided to head out Phobos said he would  bring Allen to rendezvous with us when he finds him. We travelled till late and made camp. I slept in a tree surrounded by flowers. It was wonderful.

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