Monday, March 29, 2010

Sun Nov 28, 9AW

Rebecca picked me up From Gebus' place early this morning and I went and trained with Kai some more. I went back to Gebus' place afterwards and he was packing to go out. He was packing a lot of hardware. Apparently he was heading out of town for a few days. He said he might see me in Berlin after we get back from Stonehedge. That would be nice. We smoked a joint and said our goodbyes. Dj Tech picked him up and I called cypress and headed over to his place. Craxx was there too, he got a phone call to go drive the APV for Damien. Cyress and I decided to go along for the ride but not before stopping at a liquor store. We went to Damien's and Allen was there wanting to go out of the city for a trip to play with his new toys and do some testing and target practice. (He had taken control of the robots from deep cove and brought them back with him). I suggested that we get some food to go with the booze and make a picnic out of it.  The picnic was nice until Craxx tied up a Green Wyrm. I helped it to get untangled and then offered it a sandwich, he didn't attack us and then he shape shifted into elven form and sat and had lunch with us we found out his name is Falist and that a pixie had apparently tied him up. When he left Craxx came back and we took off when I questioned him on why he tied up the Wyrm he said that he thought we said we wanted to do target practice and he was trying to help. Tomorrow we go to Berlin.

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