Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mon Dec 6, 9AW

When we awoke, Eldor took us to his temple, the wall were covered with magical engravings. Hailey was there. From inside Eldor's temple Cypress opened a doorway into the dream-scape, and we all entered. Eldor was going to come along and help us get our ship back from the daemons who stole it from us. We travelled through dream-scape for what seemed like quite a while until we came upon a strange town filled with shape shifters. We found a place to get some food. I was unsure that it would actually nourish us but Eldor seemed to think it would. The food the food looked bland but it didn't taste that way. It actually tasted amazing. As soon as we stepped out of the Inn the town around us disapeared and we were suddenly standing in a jungle. We continued on our way but didn't seem to be making much headway so Eldor showed us how to construct some mounts. We Flew over a strange looking sea and entered into a completely mechanical island. While Allen went into a room and was communicating with the sentient island we were led to a resting area. The resting Area was a level of the Island with rooms and a garden that had a fountain in it. there were lots of bountiful plants growing everywhere. There was a strange jellyfish in a fountain who said that Destinos wanted us have some gifts that he was to give to us. A little suspicious I accepted the gift giving thanks for the Honour, and asked to take some of the soil that the plants were growing in as I wanted to research it i thought that it had something to do with why the plants were so healthy. A little while later we were led to a room with a giant stone circle standing in it. This was the gate room and apparently we were going to use this gate to get out of dream-scape and to our destination. Allen and Hailey joined us in this room and then input some co-ordinates and activated the gate. We walked through and on the other side we found ourselves in South America just outside of Peru. We then made our way to Peru. Once here Allen made his way to the Mechanicus temple and the rest of us went to the Embassy of the Order, where Eldor led us to a room for the night. The room is quite luxurious, we have eaten and are now drinking and relaxing for the night. Red has not joined in any of the festivities and went straight to her room. She had been acting strange and not saying much all day. Tomorrow I will find out what is wrong with her but for tonight Eldor has joined us in our revelry.

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