Monday, March 29, 2010

Fri Dec 3, 9AW

I awoke all snuggled up comphy and warm. The pretty feyline making cute snore purr sounds beside me, instead of waking her I wrote a note thanking her for the  wonderfull evening and biding her farwell. I then quietly left and went back to the ship to gather the rest and prepare to head out. We promptly left, not too far into our travel we rendezvoused with Allen and Phobos. We shared tales of our adventure on the way back to Berlin. We decided to spend the night in Berlin to regain supplies and do a little relaxing. So we checked into a hotel and got cleaned up and then went out to do a little shopping. We dropped our supplies off at the ship and ran into Gebus. Together we all went out to the Grudgebear bar for some drinks and to get some ale to take with us. At the bar we ran into Felisce and Dj Tech she was preparing to play a show here tonight, kinda on tour. Its a good alibi for other operations. At the end of the night I ended up taking Gebus and a pretty girl from the bar back to my hotel room.

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