Monday, March 29, 2010

Sat Nov 20, 9AW

We arrived back late, and as soon as we hit the outer city limits known as Delta sector our APV was surrounded by a swarm of bikers so as to meet them at their own level I popped open the back loading doors and rode Hailey out to meet them. I introduce myself to the one who looks to be the leader, his name is Crash. Turns out they were policing the area and they saw us leaving, tailing after the cyberworks van the day before. A verification of my ID tells them that we are GIS affiliated too so all was good. They insisted that we stay and drink with them. So we did for a bit I was getting a lot of attention from all of them due to my bike I'm sure, as Hailey is a beautiful machine definitely to be admired. After what was just enough time to be polite I gathered us to go. I wouldn't have felt right until we got that stone to Damien's house. We made it back with out any more trouble and Craxx didn't crash the APV too much when parking it. We got paid and sent home to rest with a meeting time for tommorow. On my way home I contacted Gebus to come and visit me, I hopped in the shower and Gebus showed up shortly after. It's good to be back, this is starting to feel like home. 

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