Monday, March 29, 2010

Thurs Dec 2, 9AW

Early this morning, unable to wake Cypress, Red Craxxx and I headed out to go up and into the mountain. Up from where we camped the ship, I had detected an entrance to a cave and that's where we were headed. Allen had determined that there was a nexus point here and there seemed to be something generating energy in the mountain. Inside the mountain we found hallways and a room with a heavily rune covered door. Unable to open it we went in search of some sort of key. We found a room with a big fireplace. After inspecting it Red lit the fireplace up and then we heard movement in the hallways. We hid and carefully followed the noise. Turned out to be some mummies in priestly robes. They were going to open the door. I watched but when I went insubstantial to follow them in they saw me.  I conversed with the mummy and he allowed me to follow in and watch the ceremony. The keystone was suspended above an alter like circle heavily rune covered and emanating magic. I asked many questions and I found out that the ceremony was so that the dead souls of an ancient lost society could find their way home. When the ceremony was over they made me leave the room with them but Red who had not been seen and sneaked in behind me stayed in. Once out I waited till the mummy's went back to their tombs and had intended to go steal the key from them when a massive explosion rocking the entire mountain, I ran to the chamber and found Red holding the stone running towards me. We left as fast as possible found Craxxx and headed back to the ship. we flew off but soon were chased by a large dragon. We hurried and made it back to the ship to find that it was surrounded by Wolf-Si. We were signalled by and important looking silver manned female so I landed near her. After cautiously talking to her we were invited to spend the night in her camp, this is a high honour so of course we accepted. But that we were to leave right away in the morning. Before joining the festivities I called Phobos and let him know that we were on our way back package in hand he said that he had found Allen and that they should be on their way to rendezvous with us soon if all goes well. I have been extended the offer to sleep in a comfy bed with a pretty feyline. I am taking her up on the offer, now that business is taken care of.

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