Monday, March 29, 2010

Mon Nov 29, 9AW

Slept in this morning, got ready and then went out to Damien's to meet up with the rest of the crew. Craxx flew the ship and we made it to just outside Berlin pretty quickly. I was contacted by a guy named Phobos who told us to wait where we were and that he would come to us. The wilderness here is actually growing. I went and sat in the grass and willed flowers to grow around me. Here I meditated for a bit. After a while we were approached by a a large mechanical Dragon with a dwarf inside. This was Phobos and the dragon is his transport golem. Impressive. He showed us the way to Berlin and got us settled in and then took us out to a nice bar for drinks.The place was full of operatives and other interesting people. I was informed that it was a dwarven grudgebear bar. The ale was amazing and potent. After a few hours I wanted to stretch my wings and go check out the city from above. The air was the freshest air I have tasted since came to the fifth. Cypress and I flying with the dragon golem as our escort upon Phobos' insistence. We played tag in the air frolicking around in the sky like I haven't done in a while. We eventually end up back at our hotel and I think I am going to work on another tattoo before going to bed.

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