Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wed Nov 10, 9AW

Upon awaking this morning, I decided that it was time to upgrade my living arrangements. I want a balcony entrance. So after breakfast Gebus showed me where the housing office was and then he headed off to the glass shop. I picked out a place and then went shopping for the day to pick out new furnishings and made moving arrangements. I have now set up everything that was delivered and started making dinner. I think that I want to start a garden on the balcony. The new place is actually quite big. I think I will stay here for a while. I have started my indoor atrium. There isn't enough plant life in this city for my liking, so I think I will fill my living space with it. I sent text messages to Felisce, Allen and Gebus with my new address and an invite to dinner, and am just waiting responses. Dinner went over well, everyone just showed up, and I even got a surprise visit from Rebecca. There was plenty of food, so she joined us. I mixed up some margaritas and we had a few drinks with dinner. After dinner we all headed out to Pitch, a new DJ was playing. Turns out that the new DJ is another simulant like Allen. The music she was playing was really good and eerily addictive. I got really drunk and rode home. Not a good idea. I could almost tell that the bike was mad at me for that. Gebus came home with me, and I think he tried to start something but I was too drunk and I passed out on him.

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