Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tues Nov 9, 9AW

The heist went well. In the first 10 minutes after having entered the museum I had all the targets except for 1, the Impaler. After consulting Allen on whether I should go for the last item or not he warns me that the droids have been activated. My decision made for me, I run for the nearest Exit. On my way past the bike to the exit I stopped and spoke softly to it, in hopes of getting a response. I didn't get one, so I continued on my way. I slammed into the exit which was locked. I darted around through to the place where I entered and Acrobaticsed my way back up to and out of the hole I made earlier, into the air and I was off. As I look back, out the door crashes the bike taking out one of the drones as it roars off in the same direction I went, so I swooped down and spoke softly to it again, this time it responded so I jumped on and let it speed me away. We had three drones hot on our tail. I had picked up a special gun just for this situation, so I started shooting at them and took one out before they started shooting back. Then from in the traffic Gebus arose and took out one and shot down the other. We headed off to Damiens. When I parked the bike it took off again making me very sad. What a ride, the sensations while riding that bike are undescribable. In Damien's house there was a party going on, all the bidders for the items I just absconded with were there and other high society types. We were offered our pick of the loot before it was auctioned off. I decided to keep the nodestone as it seems to enhnace my magic. I met one of Dyscathii's relatives, a pretty girl with wings like mine named Rebecca. She has agreed to teach me how to properly use my katana and how to fight in the air while flying. I am excited about this I have a feeling it will help me in the future. Later in the morning around 8am, Gebus and I went to leave and the bike pulls up out front. My heart did flips I was so excited! I suggested to Gebus that we go for a cruise; he said "sure just let me drop off my car" and I followed him to a garage where he dropped off his car and grabbed a bike. (How many vehicles does he own, especially if he has his own big garage for them all?) We cruised around the city for many hours before heading back to my place for much deserved rest, and cuddles.

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