Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fri Nov 12, 9AW

I awoke this morning feeling much better, fully rested in fact. Except for the visible bruises, scrapes, and stiffness, you would never have known the condition I was in last night. I am home now. Before I fell asleep last night Gebus came to visit me, I was drugged up and very sleepy but I remember him saying some curious, confusing things about being sorry. So I almost immediately contacted him after leaving the healing clinic. He is at work but he made dinner plans for afterwards. In a little bit I am going to visit Rebecca at her house for lunch. Lunch ran late and I made it home just before Gebus arrived. Dinner was nice, we had a good chat. Apparently he feels bad for not being there last night (he seems to be getting a bit protective and attached to me; I really like him so I guess its a good thing he seems to be feeling the same). Some nice soft slow sex, as I'm still not in perfect condition again yet, I have to take it easy. Lots of cuddles and rest for the remainder of the night made today almost perfect.

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