Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fri Nov 5, 9AW

A call from Damien brings me to his office. There with Allen we are introduced to the big boss, the person who through the chain of command we recieve our orders from. His name is Dyscathii, and to little surprise he is also a vampire. We are informed that we are to acompany him to the opening of the museum exhibit, and that it is a formal affair. We are givin some more funds on our ID cards to go out and pick out something appropriate to wear. I am reminded that mutants are not allowed to this event as it is in the downtown core and to find something to disguise myself as best as possible. I pick out a long evening gown that shows little to no skin and some nice high heels to match. Having some time to kill I go and visit Gebus. I then go back and meet up with Dyscathii and Allen at the designated time and place. My attire is approved and we continue on to the museum in Dyscathii's limo. We scope out the museum and the exhibit. I make a mental note of the best route to all the targets and try to memorise the interior as best as possible. The head person of the opposing company is pointed out to me. We leave the museum and go back to the office. I notice that it seems we are being followed. I keep noticing a certian white van following us. I leave the officce and the van follows me, so I take to the air and shortly loose my follower. I double back and decide to stop at the glass shop. Hopefully Gebus is working late. I notice the same van parked outside the glass shop. Quickly I dart into an alley and scale a building hopping stealthily along the rooftops I find a place to stake out the van from. I wait and a little while later the driver of the van comes back, he is followed by what seems to be a swarm of silver insects. I also notice the bugs coming out of gebus' shop. This is not good. I take down the licence plate number and the vehicle make ect. as the van pulls away I call Allen  and see if he can dig up some info on this mystery person. Then I call Gebus I think I should warn him. Turns out he is in his shop. I question him, he tells me as he pulls a bug out of a wound in his shoulder that the bugs which are Spying tools and the person controling them are a discruntled customer of his and that they had a fight. (suspisious). I leave and go back to the office. I find out from Allen that the Van belongs to Yoto the head of the Victoria Cyberworks Faction. I report my findings to Dyscathii, he tells me to keep an eye on Gebus and not to reveal any info to him, but to get close to him by any means and find out as much about him as I can. I begrudgingly agree. I like Gebus I don't want to do anything to harm him. We get told our deadline and are given a few days off. I head home to get some rest. When I arrive home There is someone sitting in my living room smoking elven pipe weed. Its's my brother Felisce. We stay up all night talking. As he leaves he gives me some pipe weed from home and he tells me that he is here temporarily on buisness but not to tell anyone I have seen him, (I know better than to ask why).

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