Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sun Nov 7, 9AW

I get awoken disgustingly early, (especially after only having been asleep for 3 hrs) by Damien who is apparently just outside the building (Gebus' building none the less). I quietly leave out the balcony door and fly down to the front of the building where he is waiting with Allen in his limo. I get in and he drives us to somewhere deep within the under city. Turns out it is where they are keeping the guy who attacked us. Allen is given a copy of his memory disk and we are given the opportunity to question him. I don't like the idea of talking to him and with his memory disk there is really no need to question him, which suits me just fine. I left there and headed back to Gebus' house, hoping that I would be able to catch him still sleeping and keep my leaving a secret. It's probably best to keep secret as much of my work as I can. But then again you never know if he is who he says he is; he could be very helpful, if i ever need it. He did already save me once. I get back to Gebus' place and he is still sleeping. I quickly make use of his shower and then decide that its too late to try to get back to sleep, so I poke around in the kitchen and manage to scrounge us up a fairly decent breakfast. When it's almost done I make coffee, which wakes him up. (I think it was the grinding of the beans that did it.) After breakfast I find out what the large spinning thing in the middle of his livingroom does: It freezes time in his apartment, he made a comment about not having to feed the cat as much that way. (I don't remember ever seeing a cat.) He dropped me off at the library, where I studied some more and took out a book to read. Not too sure what to do now but I've been here for a few hours and I'm starting to get hungry again, so I decide to head home. Just outside the library I run into Felisce at a hotdog stand. From there we head to a theatre to watch a play. After the play we each head out in different directions. I head home for real this time, and when I get there I find Gebus in my apartment de-bugging the place. Apparently there were quite a few. After he was finished we went out to a club called Pitch. As we arrive so does Allen and Dyscathii. Turns out that Dyscathii planned for us all to meet and party here. Of course we are shortly after joined by Damien and then a while later, to my surprise, Felisce. Next surprise: Felisce has a side job for us. (Dyscathii knew all about this which is why he arranged the meeting I'm sure. I am glad I got to relax and have some fun but I'm not so sure I like the surprises. But I feel that this job is going to be full of them so I should try to be more prepared and not let them catch me off guard.) The side job turned out to be fairly easy; retrieve a magical painting from a mansion. Allen got me past the security devices and I swiftly searched the house, determined the decoy from the real copy and we made our getaway quite smoothly with Gebus driving for us. Hopefully the museum heist goes as smoothly. Afterwards Gebus drove me home and then came up with me to spend the night.

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