Monday, December 14, 2009

Meet Cilyne

Cilyne Annon-Anor. My longest active character as of yet. I have been playing Cilyne in nWo for 3 years now, I am very proud of this fact. She is one of the longest played still active characters in nWo for one consecutive time. There are other players who have had characters for longer but not all in one shot for most. Most players drop out for a bit and then pick it back up so their character has been alive longer but not actively played as long.
She is a young, curious, hedonistic, mutant elf.
This was the very first picture I drew of her.

A little while into game shortly after her first mission she got to go to her first fancy ball. A masquerade party. This is the picture of her in her masquerade outfit i drew . The party did not last long before something bad happened  causing 75% of the party go-ers to perish, and giving her team their first mystery to solve.
This is the sketch of her first set of armour. Ricalope took my drawing of her and then drew the armour on for me. I then colored it.

After a very exciting party held by the Giovanii family Ciline took a bit of a turning point in her character development and became even more hedonisticly minded. she went shopping for bondage gear. I had fun drawing up some more outfits for her so this was a perfect oportunity.

A bunch of circumstances caused her to start thinking a bit more flexible on her wardrobe. so comfy underclothes became a constant. It is easy to just layer the fun stuff over the underclothes and then when trouble happens at inopportune times she is better prepared and not stuck wearing a mini skirt in a fight.
Other trouble has caused her to think even further and she now has a few Kevlar corsets and skirts to make her even more prepared for the trouble that she keeps running into. I haven't drawn any more pictures of her in a while and i might again sometime if it strikes my fancy. I used to obsess over her alot but I also have alot more geekiness on the go now that divides my obsessiveness up.

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