Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thurs Nov 4, 9AW

I can't seem to get a hold of Damien. I'm starting to get nervous about the job. Allen is almost ready with the security systems he just needs better computer access, Damien's office has this but we can't get a hold of him. I decided to go for a fly to calm my nerves. I meet up with Allen and do some water drop experimenting. We then go shopping. We now have sturdy plans and a lot more reckon to do. So far the plan is as such:
1) fool the security systems, cameras and alarms
2)I fly to roof and find a good spot.
3) cut through the glass and remove the cut out piece
4)enter museum and locate target
5)take target and anything else I have time for
6)Fly out
7)Fly south and then double back over ocean
8)Drop target at pre-designated location in sea
9)Go hide out then when safe rendezvous with others
But there are still some kinks in that plan to iron out, and questions that need to be answered.
Do I need to get Allen's remote device attached to the dish on the roof of the museum, in order for Allen to be able to take control of the systems? What is possible to come after me if I get caught? I need to look for a spot with rafters and a way to drop above the cameras if I need to tap into them. How big and hard to carry are the items on the wish list? Will the bike that seems to be alive cause any problems? We are getting closer to being ready.

On another note I stopped by the glass shop again. Gebus showed me how he makes some of the pipes. Its hard on the eyes even with the protective glasses. We went on a picnic, he took me to a nice spot on the outskirts of town, it was very calming.
I found something surprising in the back of my diary, it made me both sad and happy. It was a note from my dad. He has found a way for us to communicate through my diary. He tells me that my brother is probably going to come and visit me. This is exciting news I have not sen Felisce in 120 years. I miss him, I miss mother and father too I hope they are doing well. I'm sure they are getting a lot of flak about me and Felisce. Why the others have to be so blindingly judgmental, frustrates me but there is nothing I can do about it.
Allen and I both got misleading text messages that lead us to find a possible snoop, or barely find that is. I hope it doesn't affect our mission. I don't know what to write to my dad in response, I should probably keep the dangerous stuff secret, I don't want to make him and mom more worried about me, but I shouldn't put off  writing back for too much longer.
Met up with Allen at Damiens office to do more recon. I then went to the museum to attach the remote hacking device of allens to the antena on the roof. It worked and he was able to hack in, I left him to his research and went home for some rest.

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