Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cilyne's mini part 1

At Gottacon, Ricalope picked up a battle mat and we play tested it during the nWo Golgotha event. It worked really well and I have been planning on making mini's for my characters for a while now so ths inspired me to get to it and assemble them. so here is Cilyne all assembled and ready for painting. I put alot of work into converting the reaper succubus mini using greenstuff, gw bits and paperclip i am really proud of the way she turned out and have paint schemes floating around in my head already.
I plan on basing her like my Slaaneshi army so I can use her with them as well as for nWo but she will stick out like a sore thumb in the unit of Furies as the only one without claw hands and the only one with weapons and gear and blue skin but thats ok with me, and my friends should be ok with it too. I wont bring her to a tourney as part of my army but she will be in the case just because that way I can show her off.

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